Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~Sewing, Cleaning, Reading~

Now that the mad rush of Christmas is over
what have you been doing?
I've been cleaning my Studio, sewing, reading..
Most days I tend to jump from one thing to another
and yesterday was no different.
I was organizing my studio & came across a pile of scraps
(& my favorite photo transfer of my Grandkids)
So I stopped what I was doing
& started to put together a spring bag with them..
Give this simple project a try..
I used the fabric scraps as they were
added some vintage pink ric rac
lined bag with white fabric
added 2 inside pockets
and a long strap..Viola!
Instead of a purse why not make
a lingerie bag
or clothes pin bag..
or how about plastic bag holder?
Have fun and enjoy!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

~I made paper snow flakes!~

studio window
living room window
Mary's paper snow flakes
my paper snowflakes
 I decided to add paper snow flakes
 to my cottage windows
 I checked out YouTube for help..
 found this guy
***SEE video below please***
With paper & scissors in hand
I went to work..and could not stop!
What fun & such a great stress reliever too.
You may want to give them a try, they are so easy to do.
Note: use scrap-booking glue dots on snow flakes
to add to windows, packages, trees, wreaths. Have fun!
~Happy Holidays~

Friday, December 18, 2009

~Night at the pink cotton candy cottage LOL~

I took these photos of my front porch
this evening 5:45 PM est Ohio
Oh my guess it does look like the "cotton candy cottage"
just like my daughter says :-}

~photos of past Christmas decorations~

I made the above stockings from
an old matelasse bedspread & antique lace
Some of the photo charms on this white tree
I made using solider & glass..

some of the above houses
my grandchildren & I made

this tree was upstairs in grandchildrens room
a few years ago
I love this tree!
photo taken Dec. 2008
My pink cottage
looks the same this year as in these past photos..
except I added a pink tree & a large
pink painted wood sled to the front porch

pink wreath with pink lights

pink Santa I made from
an antique ironing board

I found this old sled at a flea market for a few dollars
& painted it pink
my wood, plaster, and ceramic Santa's.. fun to make!

I made the above "Sunbonnet girl" stocking in 1982
the year I moved into my cottage
I used them last year..

I made these Carnival stockings using photos
of my grandchildren
I made from an old chenille bedspread

stocking made from old 40s tablecloth
These are all old photos...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

~Happy Thanksgiving!~

Wishing you all
a Happy Thanksgiving
God bless you

Monday, November 23, 2009

~Need a smile? please take mine~

Do you need a smile?
Or maybe you know someone who does?
Please take my smile award above
add it to your blog for the taking.
Add the names of bloggers
you'd like to give this smile award too..
tell them why they make you smile!
This time of the year can be very sad for so many.
Maybe the above award will put a much needed smile on
someones face..
It can't hurt and a smile can be contagious!

Friday, November 20, 2009

~girls night at New Moon~

Saw the New Moon movie last night
it was OK...I had lots of fun!
we had treat bags.. vampire blood
my Granddaughter Isabella aka "Bella" was ready to go
and enjoyed every second!
I'm tired this morning only 3 hours of sleep last night.
It was girls night out at the movies
we went to see the midnight showing of New Moon
got there around 9:30pm seated right away
and sat in on all the fun.. yes I am a Twilight fan
I truly have enjoyed the books.
For me it was more then just seeing the movie
it was the anticipation of the movie
it was sharing the fun with my granddaughter Isabella
Just sitting next to a 13 year old who LOVES
everything about Twilight was such a blast!
Oh what fun being
with hundreds of VERY excited Twilight fans..
both young and old like me LOL.
7 sold out midnight movies in our small town of 36,000!
I say yes see the movie but read the book first..
Eclipse comes out June 30, 2009..
can't wait :-}

Monday, November 16, 2009

~My Winter White~

I covered the small square frame above
using tiny old white mother of pearl buttons
some of my white Madonnas

Old white pillows
had these many years..

I made these chair covers and curtains
from dust ruffles I found new for $2.99

I used a vintage popcorn chenille bedspread
for my chair..
I'd like to make a white damask slipcover someday
My sister made this candle for me
using some of my old white buttons

made this Annie doll using
an antique cutter quilt for her dress
and old ticking for her arms & legs

I gave a copy of the photo below to my friend Lolly
her Mother who at the time was in her
70s hand drew
this gorgeous piece
my sister had it framed
and it now hangs in my living room.
I'm amazed at the talent this lovely lady had!
I took this photo of my Granddaughter
Isabella on March 22, 1998
at the time she was watching Barney on TV LOL..
the dress Bella has on belonged to
my Brother-in-laws Grandmother made in 1894
the rocking chair dated 1868
it belonged to my Grandmother
~My Winter White~
is very easy to live with
the fabrics are cotton
just toss in washer/dryer when they need cleaned
I have 9 & a 13 year old grandchildren
and we use this room all the time!