Sunday, December 30, 2007

~Pat's Father has passed away~

Pat of The Urban Chic Father passed away. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Just a few months ago her Mother passed away too. How my heart goes out to her and her family.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

~Christmas morning fun at my daughters~

God bless these sweet children what a wonderful Christmas morning we all had.

Sam was so thrilled with my gift.. a Wii for all the family!
Sam was in charge of wrapping paper clean up... then he jumped in the trash bag..LOL
Isa hugged the Wii... It was the hit of the day!
Sam could not wait to play with the Wii
A dream come true for Isabella from Santa..... Hannah Montana tickets!
Son-in -aw Brian, Daughter Michele
What a precious family. Daughter Janene, son-in-law Jeff, Sam and Isa
All the girls received Pandora bracelets and beads from Santa.. even me! :-}
We were all very thankful today for being able to spend time with each other.

Monday, December 24, 2007

~Gifts & cards from my precious friends~

This past month has been a very difficult one for me.. and its seemed today's started off to be no exception..But I've found cause to smile. I received these lovely cards and gift in todays mail. They've made me stop and reflect about all the wonderful blog, eBay, & Etsy friends I've made over the years. You all have been so very kind for me.. something I feel I'm not deserving of at all. So I want to say thank you, I love you all for caring as much as you do..
I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

I received this beautiful glass light from Rob, Cathy, and children Alex, and twins Aidan, Sophia... Rob is an eBay customer of mine and a friend.. I've known him for years now. Since then he's gotten married and is the father of 3 beautiful children with one more (a boy) on the way. Cathy Rob's wife is also such wonderful Gal! What a sweet family they are.
Rob's a very special guy. You see when he was in college he had a heart transplant and has been dealing with the medical issues that go along with it.. He's been through so much. What a fabulous husband, father and friend he is! I wish he had a blog so you all could get to know him.. God bless you Rob, you are like a son to me.
This gorgeous handmade card is from Pat . What attention to detail she adds to all her cards. I love the soft delicate glitter, the red rhinestones and the fun red glitzy stitches ..I love it and how does she do all that? How sweet of her to take the time out of her busy day to make me this wonderful card..Thank you Pat!

I received this beautiful Mass card from my dear sweet friend Marylou . You see this card is such a very special one. Marylou has offered for me to be remembered in a (Catholic) Mass everyday for a year! This could not come at a better time in my life, I sure could use this. God bless you Marylou for this wonderful kindness! What a fabulous thoughtful Gal you are..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I thought I'd do a bit of sewing. I gathered a few vintage 40s fabrics (mostly barkcloth) and made this pocket storage. I wanted something to hide the fabric in this cupboard located near my front door. I now find the pockets are very handy for holding my keys, gloves, mail and whatever. I never have enough storage space in my cottage.
I added an old shelf above my table, but the entire room needs a makeover..
PS Carole..Scoundrels and Rouges thanks so much for the lovely table runners (on this table) and other goodies you sent. You are such a sweetheart! I've been playing with my new toy the "Johnson Ruffler" and I've made a few small items. Thanks again and again. Glad you are doing ok in Oklahoma. It will be so nice when you are able to post again on your blog. We all miss you.

Friday, December 21, 2007

~Merry Christmas~

Our Grandmother Lena's Christmas tree


Me and my sister

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

~todays My Daughters birthday~

Today's is my oldest Daughter Michele's birthday. She is 40.
Happy birthday :-}

Monday, December 10, 2007

~My daughter Nikki April 28, 1973 - Dec 10, 2003~

Nikki's Annie doll & tattered quilt
This is about my precious youngest daughter Nikki. She was born a beautiful healthy child on April 28, 1973. 3 days before her 3rd birthday something went wrong and she started to seizure. We immediately rushed her to the ER where she was admitted to the hospital. Next day she was rushed by ambulance with a nurse, her pediatrician and me by her side to Children's hospital miles away. A ride I will never forget... A team of Doctors awaited our arrival. Some Doctors asked me questions others talk to the pediatrician and yet others attended to Nikki. She was put into ICU there she slipped into a coma having one grand mal seizure after another. For almost 6 weeks she was close to death as she continued to seizure. Test after test were done to try and find out what caused the seizures, nothing could be found. They tried many medications to stop the seizures and to bring her out of the coma. They even brought in a team of anesthesiologists to put her under in hopes of stopping the seizures. Doctor after doctor came to her care. When she finally did emerged from her coma she was severally brain damaged and no longer the happy Nikki we once knew.. her sweet smile was gone. My (then) husband and my happy little world was shattered. Our lives would never be the same. One of the ICU nurses told us when Nikki was in her coma she would be better off dead. I was shocked, furious at her cruelness and I told her so....but now as I look back I know why she said that. She knew the pain and suffering our Nikki would go through for the rest of her life. Nikki spent many days in many hospitals on many medications. I gave her injections and a special diet. We spent 2 weeks at the Cleveland Clinic preparing for a special MCT diet. Doctors tried new experimental drugs not yet released to the public on Nikki. She received hundreds of painful IVs. We rushed her many times to the ER at Children's Hospital 35 miles away. Eventually to try to keep Nikki out of the hospital I begged her Doctors to please let the IVs she needed to be administrated at home. They said it was not possible, it could not be done. With much persistence I called our local visiting Nurses to ask if they could help. They talked with the Pediatrician and Pediatric neurologist, they then agree to set up her IVs in my home. At home I then monitored her IVs and care when she needed to be hydrated. This allowed me not only to keep Nikki at home but to also be with my two other daughters who needed me...On Dec 10, 2003 the darkest day of our lives came. When Nikki was at school she had a sudden cardiac arrested, she died before they could get her to the hospital for help. The doctors had said that one day Nikki's heart would just give out. I NEVER gave it a thought or had I believed this could happen. So today on the 4th anniversary of Nikki's death I miss her more them ever. The tears are streaming down my cheeks as I think about Nikki's life and all she went through. I know she's in a much better place but I'm selfish and want her here with me. My life has not or will it ever be the same. The depression and sadness are unbearable right now. Please say a prayer for Nikki. Enjoy every day you have with your loved ones, do not take for granted they will outlive you. God bless you ~Mary~

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

~Daughter's birthday, pink skates, snow!~

This is my middle daughter Janene shes 38 today.
Happy Birthday Janene!
Sorry it's not a very good photo,
she's just like her Mama hates having her photo taken.
My Pink skates.. almost forgot to put them out.

View as I opened my front door this morning! It's starting to
Snow Snow Snow here in Northeast Ohio.. Yippee!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

~a few decorations~

my handmade houses
my pink tree and a few Santa's in my studio
I made these fun little ornaments out of white wool

Happy Holidays
Snow Angels
*I made this Santa a few years ago. I sculptured his face from clay..

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

~My French carnival stockings~

The above stocking are my version of French carnival stockings. Check out artist Melissa Neufeld site, she sells them and other delightful items as well. I love making these stockings! Give them a try, they are easy and great fun to do.
To make the above stockings I used buckrem for the body then decorated them with fabric, antique tinsel ribbon, glass glitter and sequins. I personalised them by adding my Grandchildrens names and cloth photos I printed from my computer. Antique paper lables also work very well.
Last year I gave many stocking like these as gifts and also sold them on eBay. They were a big hit! Have fun :-}

I've received many questions asking about the white fence under my large white tree. Yes, the fence in the first photo and the fence under my tree are the same one. It was made by my Grandfather Louie back in the 1940s. As children my sister Angela, brother Louie, and I loved sitting under my Grandmother Lena's tree looking at her wonderful little village. The village was filled with skaters, sledders, carolers, trees, houses and churches. To us it was truly a wonderland! The only things left from under her tree are that fence and one male lead ice skater and I am now the happy owner of them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sunday, November 25, 2007

~Fun at Donzell's flower & garden shop~

Isabella with her fun HUGE ring ornament..

Mama Janene and Sam...
Isabella loved the frogs... daughter Michele in background.
Cool palm tree....
Sam with his new plant named Nick..
Sam at Sam's gate..