Monday, November 8, 2010

~New washer dryer in my studio!~

 I love having a washer & dryer in my studio!

Hello sweet blogging friends! 
Sorry I've not been around much.
I'm thrilled about my new washer & dryer
so I thought I'd blog about them.
They've been a few months in the making.
When my old dryer (in my basement) died.
 I decided to make a dream of mine come true
 of having a washer & dryer on my first floor.
 So I thought what better place for them but in my studio..
I'm here so much anyway.
With the help of a good friend my dream came true!
The old cabinet had to me removed
 and a smaller one put in for the set to fit.
 We used my old sink & fixtures
because I liked them & kept the cost down.
Only thing left for me to do is paint the above cabinets.
 How are all you doing?
 I'm doing so so but that's another post.....
 Have a lovely day!