Thursday, July 30, 2009

~my barkcloth Converse shoes & a flea market road trip~

OK you asked to see they are LOL..
my barkcloth Converse ALL STAR shoes.
Men's size 8, now what Man would wear floral shoes?
I LOVE barkcloth fabric new or old.
Found these years ago
on sale $8.00 & had to have em :-}
2-14" by 16" vintage Provost framed prints $3.00!
flea market finds
2- aqua hand painted rose lamps $4.00!
One of my passions is flea market shopping.
Sunday my oldest daughter said to me
"Mom what to go on a road trip?"
I said "Sure Michele where to?"
"She said you'll see..just wear comfy shoes"
so I put on my barkcloth Converse shoes
and was ready for a road trip.
You see my favorite flea market had
re opened this Summer
and I'd not yet been there..
To my surprise that's where our road trip ended.
for only $10.00 I bought
4-bell peppers
Time spent with my daughter priceless!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~Enchanted Makeovers~transforming shelters for women & children

This is Terry Grahl,
founder and president of Enchanted Makeovers.
She is a mother of four and an award-winning interior decorator.

“The mission of Enchanted Makeovers
is to transform shelters for women and children
into heartwarming havens, forming the catalyst for all that become involved,
that create the realization that everyone’s dreams can come true.”
and, with your help, they can turn everyone's dreams into a reality.
Please take a few minuets to check this web site out!
Thank you :-}

Friday, July 24, 2009

~It's party time! "Where bloggers create"

Welcome to my studio
It's where I work and create!
Thanks Karen from My Desert Cottage
for letting me join in on all the fun!
Many projects
have been made at this table
I find that having things where I can get at them
is very important
so my studio is cluttered
but most everything I need is close at hand!
my ugly but functional desk...

my old commercial Pfaff sewing machine

I made these barkcloth pockets
to hold a bit of everything
mainly cards from my blogging friends

a few paper projects

One of my vintage cupboards
it's holds/hides
just some of my fabric

My "friends" banner made
by a blogging friend

My sink and cupboards...
come in very handy

my favorite little sewing machine.. works great!

a bit of fabric

just a few jars of my button collection
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

~The winner is.......Forever Vintage~

The winner of my 400th post give-a-way...
is Caroline from Forever Vintage..
I hope you will be pleased with your banner & background.

Friday, July 17, 2009

~My 400th post give-a-way! ~

My 400th post give-a-way!
To enter a chance to win the above
custom banner and background for your blog
please leave me a comment on this post
no later then July 23
I'll then pick a winner
If you add the above
"400th blog give-a-way" banner
to your blog post or sidebar
and let me know you've done so
you'll get 2 chances to win.
If you'd like to see what the banner & background will look like
on a blog
please stop by my Bella's Banners blog.
Good luck!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~I won The White Farmhouse II give-a-way!~

Yippee!! I'm the winner :-}
Maggie from The White Farmhouse II
had a 100th post giveaway on her blog...
the gift was a $25.00 gift certificate
to her newly opened Esty shop
Thank you Carole from a Bohemian market
for telling me to check out Maggie's blog
I picked out this great ticking pillow.
It's so lovely and very well made!
Thanks so much Maggie..
I'm enjoying my pillow :-}

Saturday, July 11, 2009

~decorating my living room on a slim budget~

Larger white tray on table from thrift shop $3.

Wicker suitcases $1.-$3.
Old child chair antique show $10.
Wicker chairs belonged to my Mother
sewing bags on wall eBay & flea markets $5. each
cottage photo above chair $1.50 thrift.

the hutch belonged to my Mother
on hutch an old cottage tea pot $1.50 from thrift

Chandelier given to me by a friend

Candle stick lamp given to me by sis

Large old mirror $8. flea market
all 4 Rose pictures $5. at flea market
gold rose plaque (below mirror) given to me by a friend..

I made the mantel scarf from an old
hand cut & embroidered Italian sheet $2. from a thrift
smaller old Madonna pictures from thrift & flea markets $1.- $5.

Large gorgeous picture of Madonna & child $12. at a thrift
"Pieta" belonged to my Mother
clock $5.
clock stand 90 cents
my $6.99 Franciscan dishes from Salvation Army thrift
I've always had to decorate on a very slim budget
I've been very blessed to have many of my things
handed down, given to me,
or I've found at thrift shops/flea markets
to re decorate my living room I only had to put $11.99 in to it
this time,
that was to convert my chandelier into a hanging light..
I slip covered my stool
and made a few pillows with fabric I had..
the rest I gathered from other rooms in my cottage
my old soft
when the fabric wore out I made and added the gathered skirt
curtains $2. thrift
I made the dolls & 2 checked down pillows
Handmade crochet tasseled throw $8.

I slip covered the foot stool
Annie doll I made for my precious daughter Nikki
the wonderful picture is hand drawn work
of my Granddaughter Isabella by my friends Mother..
more about that another time.

old Barkcloth era curtains
I made from old fabric $9. found on eBay
fabulous old rose hand painted lamp $3. thrift

old rose pictures $.50-$2. thrift flea markets
The 2 Oriental ladies on top my hutch were my Grandmothers
My $20. transfer wear dish set..from a thrift!
2 tall cranberry vases were my Grandmothers
most frames from thrift shops
some of my before photos
I also loved the look of my old living room..

Friday, July 10, 2009

~My new sofa~

My new sofa
My sister gave me one of her sofas
from Arhaus furniture, my favorite furniture store.
Thanks so much sis!
It's been a dream of mine to own an Arhaus slip covered sofa.
On my income that's a dream that I thought would never happen.
Well it did!
The 3 year old sofa
is a slipcover style, gold cotton damask, down filled
I REALLY love it! It's so comfy too..
With my new sofa I needed to re decorate my living room
but had no money to do so
my mission was to
searched my cottage and find things to re do the room..
and I did
Next post will be of my re decorated living room.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

~a Suprise package for Me!!~

Kitchen-Linens-Book Yesterday I received a wonderful surprise package
in the mail
with all these lovely wrapped gifts..Yippee!
It was from my sweet friend Mary of crash-n-smash
for my birthday
What a sweet thoughtful Gal Mary is..
Thanks Mary!
Look at ALL these goodies!
a fabulous Kitchen-Linens-Book
a beautiful handmade banner & card
made by her daughter Brandy of
Stamp with Brandy
a lovely silver cross on pink
pink covered button magnet
lemon candy
more yummy wrapped candy
RedRose tea bags
see this sweet beads.. they say Mary Rose!
click on the photo to get a better look.
check out this adorable handmade birdie banner & card
from Brandy..
Wow! Wow! Wow!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

~My lovely bracelet has arrived!~

Here's the bracelet I won for entering
Thanks so much Darcy!
And thanks to Leslie Wind for designing
and making
this lovely sterling & gold bracelet just for me!
It's signed inside
"Mary with love from Darcy & Leslie June 2009"
What a special added touch this is..
I'm so lucky.
How I LOVE this bracelet!
What a joy it was talking to Leslie on the phone
discussing my bracelet.
Leslie your jewelry is fabulous!
Darcy you are such a wonderful Gal.
bless both of your Gals for all your kindness....
Front of bracelet
back of bracelet
My bracelet on my old...but very happy hand! LOL..