Monday, January 18, 2010

~calling all Angels to help Haiti~

 We've seen the devastating photos of the
people of Haiti and how they are suffering.

 How our hearts go out to them.
 We all know what we must do
 by sending prayers and contributions.
 How hard it is for us to sit in our comfy homes and
watch these people suffer..
Seeing the faces of the children in pain
 unable to get the medical attention is awful!
 We have so much, they have nothing..
Give what you can and
 please pray!
 Calling on all  you Angels..

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

~My reading~

 my winter reading

I'm back to reading again.
I'd not picked up a book in over 6 years
since my daughter passed away.
 When my Granddaughter Isabella got so excited
about the Twilight books I got curious.
 I borrowed her 4 books and read them.
I enjoyed them so much I got my own and read them twice.
I found I needed more to read.
My middle Daughter gave me her
Charlaine Harris True Blood books I read all 10 of them.
I went on to read Anne Rice books about the Mayfair Witches
 really enjoyed them but they are not for everyone!
After finding out the Mayfair witches were tied into
 Anne's Vampire Chronicles
I went in search of these books
 finding them on eBay & at thrift shops..very cheap!
 They now have become my winter reading.
 In between I've stopped to read the classics
 I fluctuate between the Occult and Classics.
 How about you, what have you reading?

Monday, January 11, 2010

~my Icicles~

It's warmed up a bit here in Ohio to 19 degrees outside
and I keep it 61 inside my cottage.. to afford the heating bill.
My heart goes out to all not use to this cold.
states like Florida
I went out and took down my Christmas decorations.
 Sure was cold.. I should have waited!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

~my try at making a paper mache' doll~

I love making dolls and recycling too!
above are 2 of the many dolls I've made..
  The small doll is paper mache'
 shes my first try at making a paper mache'doll..
 and not a very good one.

I used paper egg cartons cut into small pieces

chopped the pieces in blender, small amounts at a time

 added a bit of water and white glue to the paper
worked the paper/clay for a while
 put in plastic bag let set
 formed the head & torso insert a wire
 form arms legs..
 drilled holes to attach arms legs onto wires
 She's a bit odd looking..
but my other dolls do not seem to mind  her at all:-}

 vintage hanky was used for her dress..

This would be such a fun project for kids..
 She now needs a name.. have any ideas?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

~what $3.74 buys at "the Happy Store" aka Salvation Army thrift ~

One of my passions is visiting
"the Happy Store" aka a thrift store..
On my visit to the Salvation Army Monday
here's what $3.74 got me..
Rose double matted picture .79
"New" pink faux cake .99
plaster baby shoes .49
60's Valentine box .49
paper mache' Angels .49
40's organdy apron .49
Spending time with a best friend..

Monday, January 4, 2010

~Brrrr cold here in Ohio~

I'm sooooooo cold!
How about you????
Temp right now in Ohio is 19°
with snow showers
weather man says
it feels like 8°
sure seems colder to me!