Thursday, January 7, 2010

~what $3.74 buys at "the Happy Store" aka Salvation Army thrift ~

One of my passions is visiting
"the Happy Store" aka a thrift store..
On my visit to the Salvation Army Monday
here's what $3.74 got me..
Rose double matted picture .79
"New" pink faux cake .99
plaster baby shoes .49
60's Valentine box .49
paper mache' Angels .49
40's organdy apron .49
Spending time with a best friend..


Anonymous said...

Hey... You did great ! ! I guess you can call it "The Happy Store"... Would make me happy that is for sure!!

Shelley said...

Love all your great finds....hope your New year is blessed.....

Jerri said...

I can't believe someone would discard the baby shoes and the
1940's apron.....I love that faux cake.....just put a pretty tea cup by it and you're set.....


Angie said...

Great score! My SA prices here are much higher than that.

Annesphamily said...

I want to shop with you! Awesome finds! Thanks for sharing!

Cottage Rose said...

Wow such great finds for such a marvelous price... love the apron...


icandy... said...

The cake... the Valentine box... *sigh*...I'm in love with it all!!!! BTW, I have the same print hanging in my living room! It was .50 at a local thrift shop...AHEM, I mean "Happy Store"!!!!
Happy New Year to you and yours!

Amy. said...

I am coming to your town to shop. My store of the same name thinks they are Macy's with their prices!!!!
You found some wonderful things at even more wonderful prices!!!

Jackie said...

You did wonderfully, and I agree that spending time with a best friend is priceless.

God bless.

pollyanns said...

I need a good little thrifting trip, myself. The weather here has been so cold. Kids have been off of school these last couple of days and I haven't wanted to take them out and chance it in this cold unless it's really necessary... it's becoming necessary... I need a fix. Thanks for sharing yours!

Diane said...

OK, I'm going to go tomorrow while I'm out shopping for fabric. LOL, I'm SO jealous! I hope I find treasures like that.

Anonymous said...

Those baby shoes are to die for!!!! Love them. I had a fellow blogger/artist/friend paint me up a pair in soft petal pink with someo of her handpainted roses. PRIZED POSSESION let me tell you. Love them. Great finds. Tammy

monah said...


Your vignette looks great. Our thrift store prices on the west coast have skyrocketed. Treasures are always more fun when they are coupled with bargains like that.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Jillian said...

Love your finds! Gosh, your prices are so much better than the prices they charge at our SA here. I'm coming to OHIO! :0) Good eye, Mary!