Tuesday, December 30, 2008

~Please pass this "Smile award" around~~

Weeks ago I designed this little "Smile award" button. My plan was to give it to you Guys & Gals in blog land who make me smile..There are so many. Now instead I just want you to take this "Smile award" & pass it around. Give it to blogs that make you smile, Guys or Gals who make you smile.. whatever whoever.
I myself could use a smile.. my seasonal depression is starting to set in. I have fought hard for weeks now determined that it would not over take me (again) this year..I thought I was doing OK but I guess not. Yesterday the tears started, today I just can't turn them off..as I type they are streaming down my face. I am so upset with myself! Sorry..
I've been visiting your blogs reading such sad upsetting things and I take it all to heart.. deaths, illnesses, job loss, the sadness goes on & on.. how my heart goes out to all of you with such problems. I wish there was something I could do to make things better.
OK enough said.. My sweet neighbor stopped over and invited me to "movie night" at their house tonight. God bless them!
So hugs to you my sweet blogging friends. I wish you all a new year filled with many smiles.

Friday, December 26, 2008

~Artful Blogging~

My sweet Daughter Michele got me this FABULOUS book for Christmas
It's called Artful Blogging
told me about this book but I'd not seen it..
Well I was so thrilled to receive it for Christmas.
I'm VERY impressed with it!
So all you artsy blogging Gals out there
you have got to check it out!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas..
I sure did :-}

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~My Christmas Blessings~

These are my Christmas Blessings..
Isabella 12 & Samuel 8
"They are the loves of this Grammie's life!"
Wishing you all a very blessed & Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~Yesterday a day of blessings~

Beautiful gifts from my "cyber Son" Rob & his family..

Found this huge box at my door yesterday
after coming from the movies with my Grandchildren Isabella & Samuel..
went to get warm & to see the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua
The box was from a long time eBay customer & friend of mine Rob
This sweet guy has never missed my birthday, Mothers day, Christmas!
God bless you Rob you are so thoughtful.
He's like the son I never had & wished I did.
It's amazing how such dear people come into your life.
He lives in Massachusetts & has been without power for days!
He has a sweet wife Cathy & 4 beautiful children..
Rob if you read this I love all the gifts you picked out for me..
you have great taste!
Thanks so much.. I sure hope your heat is back on too.
Also I received the above card
with a welcome gift inside from my friend Carole.
Thanks so much Carole you are so kind to me!
Carole has a new blog please stop by & visit.
Many of you already know this fun Gal!
a Bohemian Market
So my cottage is now warm again 62 degrees.. Yippee!
I know that's a bit cool to some of you
but I must keep heating cost down..
So with a smile on my face
I thank God for my warm cottage, and for kind friends
like Rob & Carole
I truly am so very blessed!
Hugs, much love & Merry Christmas to all of you!

Monday, December 22, 2008

~It's cold..no heat in my cottage~

Above are 2 welcomed friends this morning..
a small 6" by 8" electric heater & a large mug of HOT tea..
I sit with them in my studio, the warmest room in my cottage
You see I have no heat..Brrrr it's cold!
the furnace went out last night.
Outside it's 3 degrees feels like -16 here in Ohio
so I wait for the Heating co. to open & hope they can fix it today.
I will also thank God I have a credit card to pay the repair bill.
Until then I'll enjoy my 2 warm friends..
Sorry to complain when so many have had no power for days!
My prayers are with them all.
Hugs and stay warm my sweet friends!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just came across this stocking I made from 2 vintage 40s tablecloths..

Here's a snowman purse I made & use every winter..

A small pink tree in my studio....
some of the Santas & houses I've made.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~Christmas Past~~

My sister Angela & I
Me & my big sister Angela

we are 16 months apart

not one of my favorite mantels..

One of my favorite Christmas trees..

Last years mantel I loved the white!
I made the stockings out of 40s Damask fabric

These little house were fun to make..
My paper skate design.. pattern for sale in my Etsy shop

Sunday, December 14, 2008

~Welcome to my cottage~

Happy Holidays from my Cottage

Sunday, December 7, 2008

~Pay It Forward banner~

From Dec 7 to Dec 10
I'd like to do a Pay It Forward.
This is for you who'd like to have a Christmas blog banner
but can't afford to purchase one
Please email me at IsabellasCloset@aol.com
or leave me a comment on this post
with your blog link,
and email address
....Please pass the word on ....
These are such hard times for so many of us.
Maybe I'll put a smile on someones face!
Blessings ~Mary~

Thursday, December 4, 2008

~Winner of my banner Give-A-Way!~

Custom Random Generator picked #24 for the winner of my
banner give-a-way.
#24 comment was from
Joyce of The Secret Gardener
Congratulations Joyce I hope you enjoy your new banner!
~Mary~ :-}