Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~Yesterday a day of blessings~

Beautiful gifts from my "cyber Son" Rob & his family..

Found this huge box at my door yesterday
after coming from the movies with my Grandchildren Isabella & Samuel..
went to get warm & to see the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua
The box was from a long time eBay customer & friend of mine Rob
This sweet guy has never missed my birthday, Mothers day, Christmas!
God bless you Rob you are so thoughtful.
He's like the son I never had & wished I did.
It's amazing how such dear people come into your life.
He lives in Massachusetts & has been without power for days!
He has a sweet wife Cathy & 4 beautiful children..
Rob if you read this I love all the gifts you picked out for me..
you have great taste!
Thanks so much.. I sure hope your heat is back on too.
Also I received the above card
with a welcome gift inside from my friend Carole.
Thanks so much Carole you are so kind to me!
Carole has a new blog please stop by & visit.
Many of you already know this fun Gal!
a Bohemian Market
So my cottage is now warm again 62 degrees.. Yippee!
I know that's a bit cool to some of you
but I must keep heating cost down..
So with a smile on my face
I thank God for my warm cottage, and for kind friends
like Rob & Carole
I truly am so very blessed!
Hugs, much love & Merry Christmas to all of you!


lorhen82 said...

Mary - How sweet of your friends to send you these things! That's very touching!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Mary Dear:
62 degrees is freezing to me : (
You are a JOY in my life; how fortunate to have a friend that listens to me and always there with a helping hand!!!
How grateful I am.
Thank you so much!!!
Peace & Love

Back Through Time said...

My antique mall is usually 55 degrees when I get up in the mornings and I try to keep it right around 60. I completely understand!
Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Jorgelina said...

Beautiful the game te you. Delicate with the roses.

Jackie said...

Mary, such lovely things to find on the porch.

So glad to hear that your heat is on again.

You have a Merry Christmas.

God bless.

Julie said...

Wow, that is some gift box. I was going to say you are lucky, but no .... you deserve it!!

Storm said...

Glad to hear the heat is on again.

What a lovely surprise.