Saturday, January 9, 2010

~my try at making a paper mache' doll~

I love making dolls and recycling too!
above are 2 of the many dolls I've made..
  The small doll is paper mache'
 shes my first try at making a paper mache'doll..
 and not a very good one.

I used paper egg cartons cut into small pieces

chopped the pieces in blender, small amounts at a time

 added a bit of water and white glue to the paper
worked the paper/clay for a while
 put in plastic bag let set
 formed the head & torso insert a wire
 form arms legs..
 drilled holes to attach arms legs onto wires
 She's a bit odd looking..
but my other dolls do not seem to mind  her at all:-}

 vintage hanky was used for her dress..

This would be such a fun project for kids..
 She now needs a name.. have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I think she is adorable but I have always loved dolls no matter what they look like!! I think her name could be "Maggie".... For some reason I have always loved that name....

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I think she is lovely and you are so creative:)Hugs Darcy

SparkleFarkle said...

She is simply charming! How about the name La-dee-dah (a phrase for singing, humming, mumbling etc. to show joyful innocence)? It might possibly suit her to a tee!

Michelle (Shell) May said...

I think you did a wonderful job! She's adorable!

Shelley said...

I think your doll is very sweet Mary.....blessings

Patti said...

Hard to believe this is your first , she is perfect and so cute!
Great job!

sarah said...

this is pretty cool. I'm going to try it with the kids.t hanks. Sarah

Amy. said...

I think she couldn't be cuter!!!!
How about Olivia?

Anonymous said...

What a cute little doll~you are very talented...her face reminds me of some movie star celebrity but cannot think of her name...Judy

Mary said...

She is Lovely, and she looks like Georgette from the old Mary Tyler Moore show.Soft blonde hair,sweet feminine dress and an angelic smile:)

June said...

Well I think she is darling. I love that she is made from egg cartons. I LOVE her hanky dress. Amazing little creation.

Rachel said...

oh my gosh, just stumbled across your blog. such great stuff! this doll is adorable! maybe i'd call her Muffin. lol i want to try to make one. how much water and glue? what kind of wire did you use? oh she is cute as a button!

IsabellasCloset said...

Question from Rachel:
how much water and glue? what kind of wire did you use?
Answer: I added enough water & glue to make it plyable it kinda feels like lumply clay.. a little water & more added glue each time.
I use green floral wire size 24. I think even the longer plastic covered twist from bread bags would work!
Hope this helps ~Mary~ :-}

aBohemianMarket said...

Oh Mary:
I LOVE her so much!!!
Belle Marie as she reminds me of a French doll.
The pouty lips; the blond disarrayed hair and the little fleurs ornament in her hair : )
You are so IT!!!
Like a French Bella
peace & hugs

Jann said...

You did a GREAT job with the doll, Mary--she's adorable! You are so creative!

Anonymous said...

I personally think she is adorable. She would proudly sit upon a special shelf with maybe a book in her lap. Lovely work! hugs. Tamy


Wow! What a sweet doll, I can't believe she was made from cardboard. Lovely!

The French Bear said...

She is enchanting, i love the sweet face, you did a really good job!!!
Margaret B

Cynthia K. said...

Hi! Amazing what can be made out of egg cartons - that's too cool. You did a great job on your first try! The name that came to me was Flora. Who knows why?

I'm going to sign up as a follower. Come see me and I'd be delighted if you'd follow me also...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

Clara Di Vincenzo said...

What a beautiful doll.
I love to recycle.
Excellent teaching this activity to my girl.