Saturday, May 26, 2007

Disney photos :-}

We've been back from our Disney vacation 2 weeks now and we still can't stop talking about it!! Not a day goes by that we don't laugh about something we did there. We all hope to go back again someday. It was worth every penny we spent of this trip.. What a dream come true it was for all of us :-}


Lori said...

Hi, Came across you from Stephanie's blog! It was great to Disney pic's. Can't wait to go back Spring of 08! Lori

The Urban Chic said...

I have been to a lot of places, but yet to Disneyworld---but going to spend Christmas in New York City this year.

Stephanie said...

Mary, it looks like you & your sweet family were having a blast at Disney World! I especially love the 4th pic! Can't beat missing toofies & sidelong glances!

Thanks for adding me to your favs. I can't wait to watch your blog each day!!


A bit about me said...

Dear Mary:
WOW!!!Such a great vacation you all had. What memories for all of you to think/look back on : )
Your Friend

Leigh Ann said...

WDW is a magical place. I'm sure it was amazing seeing it through your grandchildren's eyes. I remember taking my little girl to see Cinderella. It was amazing!

Cheers! LA

PS Love the pool. What a fun summer they'll have. :)