Friday, May 1, 2009

~May devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary~

The month of May is devoted to
honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.
I remember as a child making
a May altar in my bedroom
on the first day of May.
Each day I would try my best to bring
fresh flowers to place before the
beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Many days I would visit my neighbors homes
and ask if I could please have
some of their flowers.
A few times I only had
dandelions to give to the Blessed Mother.


carole said...

Dear Sweet Mary:
The Blessed virgin Mary loved your dandelions the best!!!
The perfect heart of a devoted child is so "IT"
You are a beautiful blooming flower.
love & peace

Anonymous said...

A most blessed May Day to you!

Anonymous said...

Blessed Beautiful May Day to You!!


What a wonderful person your are Mary.
Very touching memory.
Sending you loving hugs and so thankful to be your friend.

Lori said...

Mary, I too love May and have such wonderful memories of Mary's month! i've posted some vintage pics of May processions, stop by! That is a great backround on your site by the way! Take care, Lori

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful memory. Thanks for sharing.

Mimi said...

Ohmygosh, did you ever bring back memories for me. I remember as a little girl being dressed in white and taking part in a procession at church to honor the Blessed Mother early in May. Goodness, I haven't thought about that for years and years. Thanks...I needed that!

Jorgelina said...

What a wonderful memory.
A most blessed May Day to you.

Back Through Time said...

I hope you had a blessed May Day.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I just know she adored the dandelions as they were a special goft from your heart. Blessings...m.

Jackie said...

We pray the Rosary in church every May and October and it is so nice to hear all the voices saying the same prayer.

God bless.

marylou said...

That picture of Blessed Mother is absolutely stunning. May I borrow it for my personal use??
Sending much love;)
Embrace Life

Patti said...

I found you on Forever Jann and wanted to know what you charge for a background and where I can go to purchase one? I don't see any prices or sites where I can go to do this.

Jann said...

Oh, my! I had forgotten about those May altars--we always had a "May Crowning" at school when I was growing up, where the whole school would take part and we'd have a parade all around the playground, ending with some lucky student who was chosen to crown the big statue of Mary.