Monday, October 8, 2007

~Good luck Cleveland Indians!.. Go tribe~

My 2 little Cleveland Indian's fans..
Isabella & Samuel on Jacobs field..
Hope you make it all the way :-}


marylou said...

My sis lives in AZ and her grandson is in Ohio:-)He is about Sam's age so she calls him and they both "root" for their fave teams:) Wouldn't that make a grand series, Diamondbacks vs the TRIBE....:-)
Hugs, Marylou

Cottage by the River said...

That is a cute picture. My husband is so happy, he is from Northern Ohio and loves the Indians! Have a great week.

mary k said...

Guess we are rivals once again. This time it's the Indians and the Red Sox. Should be a good series.
Love the picture of your grand kids.

Anonymous said...

LOL ~ Go Tribe!!!
I am a Yankees fan and really have to hand it to the Cleveland Indians!
What an awesome group of talented players!!!!!

Alison Gibbs said...

What a cute photo of the kids.

Lori said...

Oh there's those cuties!!! I've missed seeing there smiles!!! Lori


YAY a new GORGEOUS photo of Isabella and Sam. They are looking super sweet as always :)


joan said...

Those are two great looking kids! I like your music!

Mary said...

Hi Mary dear - haven't much time this week as we are readying for the trip Monday - had Grand Jury duty this Mon., helped friend who had shoulder surgery yesterday, Jasmin over last evening for dinner and fun, hair appt. today, luncheon, taking friend back to doc. and theatre tomorrow, whew - tired just telling you! Friday I plan time in the garden cleaning up and putting outdoor things away - Sat. I'll start packing and hopefully Sun. I'll rest a bit and have an early night!

Isa and Sam look so cute - as always! Hope you're doing OK dear friend. How's your back - better I hope. Take good care of yourself and I'll be in touch when I get back from England at the end of the month.
Hugs - Mary.

Sharon Kay said...

I am with you .......go Indians.
I am glad that the games are on tv and we have something good to watch for a change.