Monday, October 29, 2007

~Trick or Treat....Oh what fun!~

This adorable photo Halloween wreath greeted us as we entered my Daughter Michele's house

Halloween photo of Michele at age 2 with costume I made her

Some of the treats being passed out

My Daughter Michele's house

Ghost peeking out side of porch

Samuel as Jack

Isabella as Sally

Our local police handing out candy

Each year we all go to my Daughter Michele's house for trick or treat.. she gets a huge number of kids and we all love it! We either hang out on her front porch or walk with the kids.. Michele's hubby Brian has the fog machine going and the spooky music playing..I walk with the kids and Mothers for an hour then come back to watch the candy, toys & dog biscuits being passed out.. Oh what fun I had! Then after the treaters are all gone (3:00-5:00pm) we rest and eat. This year it was home make Chili with all the fixings ...cheeses, onions, sour, cream.. crackers, olive bread.. also dips, Cheese Queso , drinks, and desserts..Oh it was all so yummy!... This year Peg Michele's Mother-in-law tried counting all the kids she got to 650 when she stopped counting! Hope you all have and will have as much fun as we did. Happy Halloween!


Mary said...

First I love all the homes....
The kids look so cute with all the costumes and make-up. As for the Treats WOW, what fun goodies:)
Even for the dogs...Starting early in the evening is safer for the kids.
And the after fun food sounded Great!
Our neighborhood does not have a lot of kids. Aspen is having a party at her house,we will go to that.Last year she was a red lobster,which she did not like :) Hugs Me:)

regina barnett said...

Your daughter has a beautiful home. Looks like to guy's had a great time.

bj said...

What a fantastic time you have! It is very much like our Halloween.
All of my grandkids live in the country so for years, they have gathered at our house in town. My dear hubby stays home and hands out treats while we walk with all the kids to Trick of Treat. Then, it's back to the house for snacks and drinks. I love it all !!
Hope I remember to get some pictures, too. Your's are sooo cute.

Dolly said...

Thank you so much for shareing your halloween with us!
I miss that so much!
We now live out in the country and get no trick or treaters out here!
When we lived downstate near our grandbabies we went out with them each year!
I love watching the kids and feeling their excitement!

Hugz, Dolly

The Rose Room said...

I love how you do it on your side of the World! Take Care:)

joan said...

Looks like so much fun and I love all of their costumes. Great pics!

Mary Isabella said...

Looks like lots of fun.The food sounds so good.Happy Halloween Mary

The Urban Chic said...

Mary, what wonderful pictures. Living in New Orleans when my children were young, we had parties, and not much treak or treating, Sam and Issa look adorable as the other kids also.

bj said...

Just stopping back by to tell you how much I appreciate giving me instructions on how to put a picture on my sidebar. I'm a little thick between the ears when it comes to this computer I know how to do it. I got the ribbon for Amy on and it is lookin' good. I am sooo amazed.
What a pretty ribbon it is.

Alison Gibbs said...

What a fun time for all of your family. It is great to all get together and share halloween.

Liz said...

What a lovely account of your Halloween -we are very low key here in New Zealand compared to how you celebrate

Mary said...

I'm back and enjoying the fabulous costume photos of Isabella and Sam - you really know how to do it up North!!!
A surprise seeing my p-card - so glad it arrived and you enjoyed - I sent many but yours was first so you could see the cottages of course!
What a shock to learn the children were at such a risk with the MRSA infection - I know this was frightening for you all. Thank the Lord all turned out well for your beautiful grandkids.
Hope all is well with you Mary dear. I'm trying to catch up with everyone but have been so jet lagged - it will take time, I have so many nice pics to post.
Hugs - have a fun Halloween.

regina barnett said...

Hi, You wanted my birthday. It's April 8, 1975.

Lori said...

Once again love the kids clever costumes! What wonderful food, fun and day you all had!!! I had one trick or treater!!!!! Now that is weird!!!! Later, Lori

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a perfect Halloween! What fun! Yummy food, too.

Love the thought of treats for the pets. I'll have to do that next year!

Happy Halloween!

Angelic Accents

marylou said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sam's & Isa's costumes. They are so cute:) What a fun Halloween for all involved, the little kids and the big kids. Yeppers, I am one of the big kids on Halloweenie. Wore my gorilla mask to answer the door last night and had soooo much fun. As always Mary, thanks for sharing!!
Hugs, Marylou

Amy Wagner said...

Wow!!!! I only had about 15 kids come to my house for candy. The neighborhood residents are getting older and the kids are all growing up and moving away. *sigh*

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

What a great post and great costumes! The decorations are wonderful and I am now in the mood for chili. (Especially love that wreath). Isn't it wonderful to see Isabella up and having fun after her scare a few months ago.

Joy said...

What fun pictures Mary!