Friday, November 2, 2007

~More prayers needed please! ~

My friend Ronnie's still in need of your prayers...PLEASE... more than ever. Last Fri he had surgery to remove a tumor, 4-1/2" of his esophagus, and his entire stomach because of cancer. He's been in the ICU since then. 2 days ago he was put back on a breathing tube. So please I'm asking for whatever prayers you can say for Ronnie. His wife my dear friend Sherryl and son Jason are so very upset. Sherryl stopped by my cottage again last night and we talked. I just wish I had words to comfort her. How my heart goes out to her!
My dear blogging friends thanks so much for always being here when I need you. What would I do without you? God bless you all!!!
Love & Hugs~Mary~


Jerri said...


Consider it done.........

bj said...

I said a prayer for Ronnie as I read your post and will continue.

carole said...

Mary Dear:
I pass on all of the powerful prayers said for me in my time of need from all of the wonderful people we know and don't know!!! My heart is with Sherryl and her son Jason as they wait for Ronnie's recovery!!!
Much love & peace & wellness

marylou said...

Dear Bella,
Of course I shall keep Ronnie, Sherryl and Jason in my prayers. I know our community of bloggers will all do the same and Ronnie and his family will be in our circle of prayer and in God's Loving Arms!
Hugs, Marylou

joan said...


I will add him to my prayers. Take care.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Ronnie and his family will be in my prayers!

Alison Gibbs said...

My thougths are with Ronnie, Sharon and Jason.
Take care.

bj said...

Just to say that I am praying for your friend, Ronnie.

Rosemary said...

Dear Mary,
I pray to God for your friend and his family, ~Rosemary

Shelley said...

Dear Mary, I am so sorry your friend Ronnie isn't doing very well.I take prayer requests every Saturday at my aol journal, and I will certainly put Ronnie and his family on the list.I can sense you are very concerned about him and I pray he will began to recover and that God's will be done.


Mary said...

Oh Mary, how sad that Ronnie is going through such devastating surgery - I pray it will give him more time and some better health in the future. My prayers are with him of course, also with your friend Sherryl and son Jason. I just know how hard this is for them to see their loved one suffering so.
Hope all is well with you dear - I'm thinking of you often, especially when posting pics of more cottages!!!

Stephanie said...

I will be happy to add Ronnie to my prayer list, along with all his family. I'm so glad you are their friend. That will be a tremendous help to them in the days to come.

Love & Prayers,
Angelic Accents

Mary said...

Mary, Please know that Ronnie and his family are still in my Prayers...
Hugs, Mary

Joy said...

I will say a prayer right this very minute Mary.