Monday, March 3, 2008

~Snow It's melting...Yeah!~

What a difference a few days make..
As you can see by the split photos, the snow is melting here at my cottage.
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
My sweet friend "Spring" will be stopping by for a short visit today,
high will be 61..
Tomorrow it will be in the 30s.
Thank you God for this beautiful "feel good" day :-}


The Urban Chic said...

Now Mary, you forgot to send me some-lol. All we seem to get is terrible rain storms lately and one headed here today. That is a huge difference. Still hoping for that snow on the 13th. Love and Hugs, Pat

carole said...

Hi Mary Dear:
Oh good. It is beginning to thaw out. It will 79 degrees here in Los Angeles today : )
I found my cable cord for my digital camera and will do my first blog in about 3 months. Yikes, I have missed it so much.
I am off to the Social Security office to start my paper work again.
Take care, my Friend

bj said...

So glad the thaw is in progress! Wow...everyone is soooo ready for sunshine and flowers.
hugs, bj

Joyce said...

Oh sweet Mary~~ I LOVE that you are having a "feel good" day!! Here's to many, many more! {{{hugs}}}

Tammy said...

From looking at your pictures I think we've had more melting than you...I was so happy to see it go only to find out on the morning news that more is expected tonight...arggg! But at 63ยบ right now it is hard to believe!
Since moving here I've heard not to hold my breath for good weather till May 1! An awful long time to wait, but hey we can dream in the meantime!