Friday, July 4, 2008

~Gifts from a LOVELY lady! Thanks Carol Anne~

What very pretty wrapped gifts I received from a lovely lady named CarolAnne.
Such sweet pink soft satin bows!

What a surprise I found when I opened the box!

4 vintage crochet trims, 2 rick rack packages, over 6 yards of FABULOUS rose fabrics,

a sweet needle package.

Adorable pink rose suitcase/box

...I love it all...

* Over 6 yards of fabrics.
Yippee! can't wait to start sewing.
Bless your sweetheart CarolAnne

* 2 Gorgeous cards with pretty ribbons, buttons & silk flower trims!

The suitcase/box match my other two. What fun!


I receive a box full of wonderful gifts for a dear friend!
Her name is CarolAnne from the blog CarolAnnesBoutique .
I met her on eBay CarolAnnes*Cottage*Treasures many years ago.
We have a sad bond, we've both lost precious children.
Carol has the most delightful Web Site called Carol Anne's Boutique. Stop on by!
I've been very blessed to have so many wonderful ladies in my life.
From all over the word.. I've met you on the blogs, eBay, Etsy and from your Web Sites.
Thank you all for being a part of my life!!!
God bless... I love you! ~Mary~:-}


Sherry said...

Carol Anne sent you such beautiful things! It's all so pretty!

Every time I visit your blog and see the picture of your Nikki I am reminded of how blessed I am to have all my children alive and well. Nikki looks like she was a joy to you while she was with you Mary.

Hugs to you,

Vanessa Greenway said...

Lovely gifts!! Wish you a great 4th of July! Hugs, Vanessa

Jackie said...

Oh what gorgeous treasures to find in your mail box.

Have a wonderful 4th of July.

God bless.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Mary! Just checking in to wish you a Happy 4th.

Love all of the wonderful treasures that you received from Carol Anne. How so very special and I am sure you will create lots of pretty things!'


Mary said...

Mary dear, you deserve lovely gifts because you are a sweet and kindly person, loved by so many.

Hope you've enjoyed the Fourth and were able to see Isabella and Sam. We're getting thunder and lightning so the local fireworks have been canceled - such a shame, there will be may disappointed kids..........and frustrated parents because they plan to do it tomorrow instead!!!

Hope life is better dear. Remember I'm thinking of you as always and sending good wishes your way.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Hi Mary , what a nice gift you received. Show us a pic of what you sew up with your new fabric .

The Urban Chic said...

Mary, it's very deserving for a sweet lady like you. Oh I am falling in love with pink again. Can't wait to see the lovely things you make with that gorgeous fabric. Love and Hugs, Pat

Mary said...

Hello Mary, Happy 4th...
I am home,so tired. lots of catching up. Love your new green Banner:) And all your lovely gifts. You can sew,& sew:) Love and Hugs Me:)

Cherub Kisses Boutique said...

hi mary,
oh it's been such a long while since i've stopped by for a visit... looks like you're having a beautiful summer with the kids ;o)
... i love your sweet goodies!! i have those faux suitcases too ;o)
so cute!!!