Sunday, July 6, 2008

~PLEASE pray for Deena~

Dear blogging friends..
I received an email from our sweet friend Deena of Can I Be Pretty In Pink today.
I couldn't get Deena off my mind these past few days so I emailed her and asked how she was doing..God bless her, she has the best attitude with all she's going through.
She is truly a blessing and such an inspiration to all of us!
I'd like everyone who reads this to PLEASE stop and say a prayer for Deena.
This precious Gal has gone through so much and continues to do so.
She's been there for so many of us, lets be there for her with thoughts and many prayers.
Thanks so much!
Hugs, much love and best wishes to our friend Deena.


Vanessa Greenway said...

I'll keep her in my prayers. Hugs to you Mary! Vanessa

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Mary; I saw you blog site on Amelia Rose Cottage and just popped over to take a look see. I love your site, and the plates for a edging. My sister was telling me about just the same thing she saw of her neighbor. So I am going to do the same thing in my front yard.
I too lost a daughter in 2001, I notice your in memory of your daughter, how Lovely. I will keep your dear friend in my prayers.
nice to meet you.


Sherry said...

Mary you are the sweetest person! I went to Deena's blog and she seems like such a positive person. I admire her and will keep her in my prayers too!


The Urban Chic said...

Oh Mary, I am so in the dark, but will pray harder tonight for Deena. She is such a strong person and I pray it's nothing really bad. Love Ya, Pat

Shelley said...

Hi Mary, I said a prayer for dear Denna. God bless her ! I enjoyed looking at the pictures of your Simple Summer post. I love your glider,it's so pretty with all the pillows,etc.
Looks like your kidd'os were having a great time.
Hope you are well and you are having a good summer. Ours is so hot and humid,it's hard to go outside for anything without burning up.

Blessings, Shelley

Connie said...

I love the post about your back yard, miss sweetpea!! I'm redoing my back yard, patio, and front porch but am in Calif. for the week. Cannot wait to get home and start doing more from fabulous finds I'm getting down here. I love yours, sweets!!

Now, I've selected you for an award so go to my July 5th post and read the rules, lovey!!!

Smoochies for those 2 cuties you have. Hope you are feeling better about this aging thing! I think it's simply glorious and am loving it!


carole said...

Hi Mary Dear:
Please let Deena know she has prayers coming from California!!!
I have been job searching every day and not been able to come and visit : (
Love & Peace

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
Your glider and backyard look adorable. Absolutely, will continue to pray for Deena. Has something changed cuz I thought she was doing really well.


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Mary. I pray for Deena quite often. Just stopped & said some very special prayers for her before I wrote this. She is a love!

And so are you!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Mary said...

Mary, I am saying extra Prayers for Sweet Deena. I too thought she was doing better? Love,Mary

Jerri said...

I said another prayer for Deena this morning. All prayers reach heaven...............................

Back Through Time said...

I will keep her in my prayers. You are a wonderful friend for her.
I hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Jackie said...

I will keep Deena in my prayers.

God bless.

SweetAnnee said...

LOVE you