Monday, September 15, 2008

~Prayers for my friends in Texas~Ike hits Ohio~

A bit of wind damage in my back yard..

My dear friends from Texas and other states who were hit by Ike
how are you all doing?
Please let me know..
We in Ohio were hit by Ike too, with up to 70 mile winds
but NOTHING like the devastation you have gone through.
Our schools are closed today because of damage and
sadly a 12 year old boy was killed in a town not far from here.
My thoughts and prayers are with you!


ByLightOfMoon said...

Sorry you also have so much damage and so far away. Ike was pretty powerful as noted.
I know your home will heal and your hearts are in the right place with so many of your lovely friends you post about. I adore your china garden, what a cute idea!

Thanks for blogging with so much love!
smiles, cyndi

cityfarmer said...

chicago is deluged...tooo!

oh my it's awful everywhere

Looking forward to the changing of the seasons..we kinda "lost" the summer....
I am certainly touched and warmed by your thoughts and prayers.

It's all I can do to keep up with care giving and updates but it's so rewarding...stop in if you have a moment


Cottage Rose said...

Wow your back yard sure took a beating. In Indiana we had some of Ike too, but what I live it was not too bad. My prayers are with Texas also. They had so much damage down there.
Have a great week.


Jackie said...

So sorry that you had all that damage. Mu prayers are with the family of the seventeen year old killed in the town near you.

God Bless.

Mary said...

Glad you are safe with not too much damage and debris.

Looks like Disney was fun Mary - so pleased you had a nice break and fun with the kids.

Hugs - Mary.

Mary said...

Hello Sweet Friend, Yes we are OK, wind , rain and branches in the yard. Up the street some trees on the houses. We had no electricity for 12 hr. Friends on the next street over still have no electricity. We have had about 100 people at the church this time.
(two weeks ago it was 112) We help with supper this evening, and going back to help with lunch tomorrow. Bee school has no lights, so she will be off tomorrow too. I had to go back to the Dentist today:( SO glad you are home safe and sound! I was worried about you too Dear:) Looks like you had a good time ,even with the rain:)Love Ya,Texas:)

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh, Mary, so sorry for all the damage your home & state have incurred. We in North TX made it thru with only moderate winds & some much needed rain. Is your home/roof/etc. okay?

Now I'm off to read about your Disney trip!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents