Monday, August 24, 2009

~Bella starts Middle school~

Bella with best friend
Such sweet girls!
My Granddaughter starts public Middle school today.
I'm disappointed that Bella will no longer be
attending a private Catholic school.
She's made the Volleyball team at her new school..
what a thrill! see Bella suffers from
Polyarticular Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
and sports can be a struggle.
I called Bella at 6:30am to wish her the best today..
she was so excited.
My thoughts and prayers are with Bella today & everyday.
Good luck to all who are starting back to school.. have a fun year!


The French Bear said...

Gosh they grow up so fast!! She is beautiful!!! I always say a little prayer for Bella when I read your posts!!!!
Margaret B

Shelley said...

May God be with Bella as she starts a new grade in a new school..I have a grandson starting Jr. High(Isaiah) and his little sister,Jalyn is starting kindergarten. My youngest child(J.W.) is a junior with just one more year to go.I pray God be with all the children as they head back to school today....
Have a blessed week....

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

My goodness Mary, how that child has grown ! She is looking so grown up too . She will be just fine . She is so pretty !

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful girl.....

Rebecca said...

Your sweet Bella is growing tall and ever lovely. Gosh...God is soooo good!

Blessings & love, Rebecca

Jorgelina said...

She is beautiful!!!

Joy said...

They are both cute girls. Hope they have a great school year. Mine both started college away from home..sniff, sniff.

Cottage Rose said...

Oh how cute she is, it is always so exciting the first couple of weeks of the new school year.. And making the volleyball team, that is so great, I will keep her in my Prayers that she can keep playing,, We can do all things through Christ... and he is with her....


blushing rose said...

Awwww, what a beautiful Bella. May Bella be able to continue in her sports endeavors. Don't they grow to quickly.

TTFN ~Marydon

Jann said...

What a doll she is--it was just the opposite for my oldest son--as a single mom, I couldn't afford for my 4 kids to attend Catholic school, but my oldest, who is 33 now, was able to get a scholarship to St. Paul School in Eugene, OR, and attended 6th, 7th, and 8th grades there. I was thrilled, although he wasn't, because he wanted to go where all his friends from grade school went. Still, he made new friends, and was back in public school for high school. I'm sure Bella will do well wherever she goes; she seems like such a great girl!

Amy said...

Good luck Bella!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Congrats. to Bella making the volleyball team! Jasmin is trying out also, but as there are only a few spots open she may not make it this year (7th gr.).

Bella and her friend are adorable - here's to a great school year.