Monday, October 12, 2009

~Could you live without your phone & computer?~

Hello.. I've been without a phone and my computer/Dsl service since Fri Oct 9 at 9:05am..
I was having a Dish network satellite installed Fri and the installer cut my phone/Dsl lines.. Dish installer said "yes I cut them but can't fix them call ATT" ..and walked out the door on his second visit... I called ATT (using my Daughters cell phone) Fri ATT was to come by 8:30 pm no show again.. I called ATT Sat at 8:00 am again no show. I called ATT and Dish Sun at 8:00am another no show.. I emailed ATT 2 times today.. no show AGAIN today but Dish came back to say "we can not fix it just wait for ATT"..Hopefully by tomorrow they ATT will email me and come fix the lines... I sure hope so. I have not been very nice to Dish or ATT...I've had to stay home everyday and wait and wait and wait.. only going to work a few my question is "Could you live for 4 0r 5 days without a phone or computer?" It has been very quiet around here..


Cinnamonstitch said...

i couldnt, but I know what your talking about, Dish Network all happy to hook you up, but do any changes later on, and your in Dish abyss. Crazy added on charges, never talk to the same person twice,Good luck

It's Jan! said...

Hell no, I could not live that way...well, maybe without a phone, but a COMPUTER? No way!

Want me to call them? I'll give 'em a what-for because they made you blue....


Love ya,

Jann said...

I'm so sorry! We had Dish a few years ago--boy, they were anxious to hook us up, but we had nothing but trouble with them when we decided to go with the cable company after our contract with Dish was up. They kept billing us, for years afterwards! Man, what a mess--what's ATandT's problem? Why can't they help? I'll say a prayer you get your service up and running again. I could probably live without a computer for a little while, but not a phone--we need phones to communicate and for emergencies!

Anonymous said...

Depends on the day.... Some days I could live without any contact with the outside world. Most everyday & could live without my phones but not without the computer.
How could I blog with everyone??

icandy... said...

i'll bet it has been quiet....i can only imagine. i'd be ok without my phone, i think. but my laptop??? no way!!


Sorry to hear about your crazy problems , not cool they cut your lines and always a stressful run-around. Hope they get it fixed fast for you sweetie. Happy Autumn Mary. We get so use to phones, computers etc....guess we are spoiled.

Anonymous said...

oh Mary, We can relate here - remember we went 12 days in December with NO POWER or Heat! Be glad it is only phone and computer! Is there another phone company other than that one - do what friend of mine did - Cancel the land libe and only keep a cell!


Mary said...
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Sares said...

I think I could make it if I had the TV. But I would be ticked off at both companies for sure! I hope you get things fixed soon, before you go stir-crazy!

aBohemianMarket said...

Hi Mary:
What a mess : (
Sorry, but I would have cussed everybody out : )
A phone I can go without; but the ole puter...NOT!!!
Well, I feel like cussing anyway : )
Well, only 2 days to go and you will be okay : )
I go to the local library when I cannot access the Internet : )
Good Luck my Friend

Jackie said...

I know I couldn't live without mine. My monitor went awhile back and I just had to get another one right away to stay in touch with everyone.

God bless.

Alison Gibbs said...

Mmmmm.. that's a no brainer for me!!LOL Definitely could not live without either of them.
I guess I could but I wouldn't want to. I hate it when it takes me a couple of days to get back and check on blogs when I babysit Riley on Wednesday and Thursday. It is nearly midnight Thirsday night and I am happily clicking away after taking Riley home to his Mum and Dad.
Don't like the attitude of the Dish Man

Unstoppable Spirit said...

I don't think I can live without my phone and my computer. It was very nice of you to visit and follow my blog. I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully to see you again. Have a great week.