Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~Halloween Decor~

I LOVE Halloween!
What great fun it is decorating for it..
These photos were taken by my daughter Michele of her home.
I got to help a bit with her decorating this year..
~Happy Halloween~


Shelley said...

Hi Mary,you did a "Spooktacular" job decorating your home....you could do this for a living.....you have a great talent for decorating....blessings

Anonymous said...

Fabulous job with the decor!! What little trick-or-treater wouldn't love it!! I love it!!
Have a Wonderful Day!


Your daughter did an awsome job decorating her home. Really is beautiful!

June said...

Hi Mary,
What a darling job you guys did with your daughter's home. I'll bet all the little goblins will love visiting this place. It is always so fun to see how people decorate for Fall and Halloween. I need to have my daughters send me pictures of their decor. I didn't get to help...boo hoo!

stefanie said...

i LOVE it....everything is just gorgeous for halloween, you didn't miss anything

Jillian said...

Fun! I remember the good times decorating or halloweening as a kid. I miss those days! :0)

Myko said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures! LOL, I couldn't help but notice I have the same Happy Halloween sign! (the one with the black stripes)