Tuesday, February 5, 2008

~Flooding here in Ohio~

It's flooding here in Ohio.. these are photos of my friends front & back yard..
It's been in the upper 50s today with lots of rain..with more to come.
My basment is a wet mess....
but it could be worse..


Lori said...

Oh you poor people!!! Gosh if it isn't floods from rain it's snow! We are having alot of flooding in Indiana and so many have been gone from their homes for over a month. Take care, I'll be thinking of you, Lori

Judy said...

Wow, I'm hoping that it doesn't freeze now. We've had rain here too. What a crazy winter.

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh no. Flooding. It just always seems to rain where it's not wanted.
Here in Victoria,Australia we are suffering a drought and there you have all that rain. Crazy!!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Good morning Isabella,
I was wanting to let you know what banners I would like to buy. There are two, for now. I am not sure how I go about it so just let me know okay.


Mary its so scary isnt it. I hope it all settles down soon. We just had an awful storm yesterday that flooded some of my mums house.

xo Shann

Joyce said...

Gosh Mary,
So sorry to see that flooding.....I hope your basement doesn't get too damp.
It was in the UPPER 80's here the past few days then last night the temps fell and those terrible storms hit in the upper South.....we were in the upper
60's today but the weather isn't terrible. We didn't get the tornado's here thank goodness. I feel bad for everyone who is or has been hit with this terribly crazy weather.
Be blessed.