Thursday, April 10, 2008

~Spring Banner Give-A-Way~

If you would like to enter my Spring Banner Give-A-Way please leave me a comment.
You will receive the above banner with your Blog name on it.
I will pick a name on the morning of April 15...
PS Thank you everyone for all your help with my depression..
What would I do with you my sweet friends.
I'm ok.
God bless you ~Mary~


Vintage Tea said...

What a lovely banner, please count me in!

Victoria x

Shelley said...

Hello Mary, I just read your post about your depression and just wanted to say I will be praying for you and hoping very soon you will be having "Joy unspeakable"....I myself suffer with depression and take meds for it. I did not want to take the meds at first,but I decided if I could take medicine for so many for other health issues in my body,I should also treat the depression. It is so much easier to cope now and I thank the Lord for the meds. I take about eight pills a day and get so sick of it some time,but can't imagine going through daily life without them. The pain would be suffering to say the least. I do pray you will get relief from your depression and began to truly feel alive and well again. You are a huge blessing to so many.....God loves you and cares very much that you are suffering....I pray he will send his angels to wrap their wings around you and grant you much comfort....

God Bless you, Mary......

Please count me in on the drawing for your sweet spring banner...


Jane said...

What a lovely offer.
Thank you. Count me in also.
Good to hear you are feeling somewhat better, but please do seriously consider taking medication. God heals in many ways and many of them relate to the
wisdom He has implanted in plants etc which are able to have been transferred to modern medications over the years.
Hugs in Him

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
So glad to see you posted today.

LeAnn :)

Vanessa Greenway said...

What a beautiful work you've been doing... bring the beauty of your banners to us. I'm very pleased with the cute blog banner you've made for my blog. Count me in! Your new friend, Vanessa Greenway.

Mary said...

Oh Mary, what a cute banner...I need that !!! My Grandma always wore her apron and her hat in the Texas heat. Apron to hold her fresh pick tomatoes:) Hope you are having a better day. Love your Buggy Friend:)

Julie said...


I was thrilled to win your Easter banner - someone else deserves a chance at this one. By the way, it is beautiful. I will be ordering other banners from you in the future - in May for Memorial Day and in June for Fairy Day if not sooner!

Friends have helped me so much during my spells of depression. I hope when you say you are ok it means you are taking your medication.

carole said...

Hi "I'm OK" : )
Hi Mary Dear. How the heck are you? It is normal for you to do a "giveaway" so I am hoping you are feeling better. Yes, I want to be counted in for the giveaway; maybe it would spark me to want to blog again.
Take care my Friend
Love & Hugs

Jillian said...

So glad to hear you are doing better, Mary! Please enter me in your giveaway as you make the best banners! Stop by my blog if you get a chance, I'm also having a giveaway!

Mary said...


I'm so sorry that you've been suffering from depression. That is a hard burden to bear. I've suffered from it off and on since childhood.

You are such a talented lady. I love all of your banners and this is no exception.

I keep you in my prayers, as always.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Mary,
Oh, I am so glad to see you back...hope you are doing a little better. My heart just broke for you when I read how depressed you have been. I have been praying for you every day dear Mary. The banner is darling, please count me in too! Thank you so much for leaving your sweet comment on my blog! :)
Much love & hugs to you always sweet friend!
Carol Anne

Lyndee said...

Oh how I need help. I am so unlearned about computers and just love blogging. I would love to get more traffic on my site and meet more friends!

The Rose Room said...

Hi Mary, I don't want to be entered for you give away, love as it is, just want to let you know that I am here thinking of you:) Rachaelxo

Joyce said...

What a very special person you are you are already, giving out of yourself when your the one that needs to be "given" to.
I think your doing a great thing...besides you will REAP this blessing back you know!!!!
Thanks for your always.

Pam said...

I've only found your blog this afternoon. What a lovely banner- please count me in!
I read the previous post, and I do hope that you are feeling better.
God bless you.

Back Through Time said...

Oh for sure count me in! I need a new one, lol. Hope you are feeling much better:-) I understand about depression.
Take care of yourself,

Mary said...


Please stop over to my Writing Nook. I have a little something for you.

Jackie said...

Beautiful banner. You are just so talented.