Monday, April 28, 2008

~Today my precious Daughter Nikki would have turned 35~

We are given many precious gifts as we go through life.
Some we are allowed to enjoy for a long time...
others only briefly.
But each gift has the power to change and enrich us,
to make us better human beings.
Nikki you were that precious gift...
to me, your sisters and
all who loved and cared for you.
You will never be forgotten!
Until I see you again sweetie
Love, Mama


SweetAnnee said...

PRAYING hard for you on this day especially. May God bless you today with joys!! and lovely memories of Nikki.

love ya muchly, Deena

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Each time we
embrace a memory,
we meet again
with those we love...
for the heart
never forgets.

Dearest Mary, You are in my thoughts and prayers more than ever today.
Love to you always,
Carol Anne

Laura said...

I don't remember if you are Catholic or not, but I just said a Hail Mary for your comfort and peace today.

Mary said...

Hello Sweet Friend, You are in my thoughts and Prayers today.
Remembering the things that you and Nikki would do together,her favorite food or toys those are such precious memories. Talking and crying helps you with this sad day. My heart is filled with tears for you. Know that you are Loved and lifted up with many Prayers by your friends today. May God hold you in his hands today and always. Love and Hugs Me:)

Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Love YOU!


Mary my thought are with you on Nikkis birthday. Im sending you big blogging hugs from all the way over here in Aus :)
And a Happy Birthday to Nikki sure she is watching over you.

Love Shann

I have to say how beautiful i think Carol Anne's comment was.
You have so many people who love you Mary xo

Jackie said...

I, too keep the memory of my daughter Krista. I know that today is a hard one for you. Take care my friend, remember the joyous times, the times of courage, and the times of love.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

The birthday of a daughter who has passed brings saddness to us.

Anonymous said...

Ps. you need to move on...

mary k said...

Special thoughts and prayers for you today.

Shelley said...

Hi Dear Mary, praying for you today....Nikki was a beautiful young lady. God bless you and give you strength.


CONNIE W said...

May God grant you comfort during this sad anniversary. Hugs, CW

Stephanie said...

God bless you today, dear Mary, & always! You were so lucky to have Nikki & she, so very lucky to have you. Hold her close always in your heart until you meet again.

Much love, ((Hugs)) & Prayers,
Angelic Accents

Jerri said...

I am so sorry some people can be so thoughtless. Just read over all the other beautiful posts and remember them. You will ALWAYS have a beautiful daughter Nikki.

Jane said...

I do not believe we ever 'get over' the loss of someone dear, whether by death divorce or even just distance. We are created to grieve, Jesus wept, and we are told that God keep our tears in a bottle. I have no real idea what that means except our grief is very precious to Him and He will NEVER tell us to move on. Of course you have moved on, but you choose to remember a little more deeply on this special day.

I am sorry. I do not get it when someone makes anonymous comments.

Joy said...

Obviously Anonymous has never experienced such a loss.

Prayers and warm hugs sent your way Mary....


Theresa@Take A Sentimental Journey said...

Mary ,I can not imagine what you have been through and still going through . My heart crys for you .I just met you today through my blog.When I arrived here ,I immediately seen what a wonderful caring person you are. May God put his loving comforting arms around you & your family.I will keep you in my prayers.
And Mary, thank you for putting me in your favorites, it thrilled me to my toes when I seen my blog name on your list!

Julie said...

What a wonderful, loving tribute to your daughter. God gave us memories so we could have roses in December, and our loved ones at any time.

carole said...

Mary Dear:
Her life was short and precious and NO you do NOT need to move on!!! Angels are sent to us in the form of children and their Earthly visits can be too short.
Yeah for Nikki's life!!!
Love & Hugs
Your Friend
Oooh I like what Carole Anne said!!!

Janera said...

Your sweet Nikki looks like my Rachel. At least I think so from the one picture I see on your blog.

Daughters are angels twice, once here and then again forever.

God bless you today and always.

Donetta said...

Our children Mary stand at the right hand of God and pray for us continually. Letting go of my son was the hardest thing I ever have had to do. Mary They are Gods. Even these two I have now do not belong to me. Mary we will always be mothers and Mothers are frozen in time at the letting go of our children. Nicole is such a treasure and is Nathaniel. We are so blessed to have them before us. We will always look to the day when we embrace them again. Until then we know that HE has them as He has us now.
Healing is a process.