Monday, September 24, 2007

~Happy Birthday to Isabella~

Happy Birthday to my Granddaughter Isabella
She is 11 years old today :-}


CONNIE W said...

Sending along big happy birthday wishes to her!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.. Isabella!

marylou said...

Hi Bella,
Here I am in Arizona visiting my sister but I slipped into her office and "borrowed" her computer:-) Wishing a very happy birthday to darlin' Isa. I know you all will make it a special day for her:)
Also please know my prayers will be said for your friend. It is becoming simply to often that we hear the very sad news that our loved ones are ill:-(
Take care,
Hugs, Marylou

carole said...

Happy Birthday Isa!!!
Eleven is a good age and big fun to be : )
Have fun today
Love & Hugs

Lori said...

Isabella, our little princess is eleven!!! Such a wonderful happy girl who brightens our days when we see her pics!! Happy Birthday you pretty girl, and Grandmas pride and joy!!!!! Love and wishes for a sugary and pink happy day! Lori

The Urban Chic said...

Happy Birthday Isabella. I am sure your grandmother is making it a very special pink day for you.
Mary, keeping your friends in my prayers. I hope the info I gave you will help them. Hugs, Pat

cityfarmer said...

I adore the name of your grandaughter...she even looks like an Isabella...blow out all them candles, honey...they just keep adding up

stop on over for more birthday fun..I celebrate for an entire week..hehe

Anonymous said...

A Happy, Happy 11th Birthday to you Isabella. I'm know your grandma will give you at least 11 hugs and kisses! Hope your leg is all better now. Smiles ~ Susie

Amy Wagner said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to you Isa!...The girl with the BEST Grandma!!!!!