Monday, September 24, 2007

~Isabella & friends~

Isabella & a few friends get together on her birthday..


carole said...

Wow Mary"
Little Isa is blossoming into a very pretty young Princess!!!
How Joyous she looks!!!
Big Hugs

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Isabella :)
Looks like you are having a great time. Chips,salsa and cupcakes.Wow...
Love your Princess's Tiara...Did Grandma make it? Hope you have a wonderful new year and may God Bless you Sweet Girl .
Love and Hugs,Mary:)

Joy said...

Oh Mary, she is growing so fast! What a beautiful young lady!

Mary said...

Once again - Happy Birthday Isabella. You sure look beautiful on your 11th Birthday......and I'm betting Grandma made the crown!!
Have been thinking about you today and hope this will be a wonderful year.
Big hugs and a special Birthday X.

Mary dear - thanks for your sweet card today!

Amy Wagner said...

I think Isabella is a beautiful young woman...but I'm sure you already know that!!
Thanks for sharing her "friend fun"!!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Mary - I am a bit late in wishing Isa a Happy Birthday - but Happy Birthday Isa! Love your outfit and your crown! You look very happy and pretty! It is great to celebrate special days with your closest of friends!!
PS: I am glad you are feeling better. xo