Wednesday, September 12, 2007

~Here's Lucy :-}~

2 days ago I came home to find this cute pigeon sitting in my front yard.. Lucy (my Daughter named her) has been here ever since. My Daughter found out she is a racing homer pigeon from St. Clair's Shores in Michigan 225 from here (Ohio). With the info from her band and the help of American Union she found her owner. She left a message and we are hoping we will hear from him. She looks like she is exhausted! This morning I woke up to hear her pecking at my front window..We have found her on top of the roof of the car, on top my cottage, on my front & side porch and in the middle of our road.. We have put out water & seeds for her. I hope she will be Ok..


carole said...

Oh Mary Dear:
I like Lucy! You have the biggest heart and always find a way to help those lost and in need. I think highly of you for lots of reason!!!

Donetta said...

Some peanut butter and millet? Lucy is safe with you.


Oh Mary i would do the same thing as you. My husband calls me the animal lady :)
I think Lucy was very smart dropping in on your home like that :) Do Sam and Isabella want to wrap her in a blanket and take care of her? I know my Sam would !

Luv Shann

FourSistersInACottage said...

That is SOOOO COOL!!! Please keep us updated. How ever did you get her close enough to read her band???
We had one here a week ago and couldn't get it down from the too had a band on it's leg.
WONDER IF it's LUCY stopping by to see me and you???
Hugs and Love, Amy

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

That is amazing!!!Good thing that bird found you!

Mary said...

Lucy looks like a sweet pidgeon - hope she is doing OK - I'm sure she is with you as her stepmom!!

Have been thinking about you "Queen Mary" - hope your week is special just like you.

Stephanie said...

I like your Lucy! And that is my nickname in one of my groups ~ you know kind of in reference to zany I love Lucy escapades I sometimes get into!! Any way, I hope your Lucy finds her way home safely & soon!

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