Thursday, January 15, 2009

-19 degrees here in Ohio cold is it at your house?

Brrrrrrrrrrrr it's so cold here in Ohio.
I just walked to the bank about 1/2 city block away
oh my gosh it's so cold out there!!!
The radio says it's -19 with the wind chill..
Age and Cold

There is a combination which I have found to be a chilling pair.
It’s the wrinkled and tattered skin of mine and this cold arctic air.

My joints are sore already so they do not need the chill.
To say the least my aching knuckles are not a real great thrill.

Oh for the days when a snowball fight was considered a really fun game.
These days I will stay inside by a roaring fire if it’s all the same.

I look forward to the days when the kids come for a visit.
I can hint how wondrous the fire would be and maybe they will build it.

Either way I prefer the warmth these days as do my fingers and my toes.
Whenever it’s cold and snows.


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Actual temp where I am is -30 with wind chill lie. It's cold.

Meadowsweet Days said...

Same here, Mary~ Calling it a snow day today, and staying home, making some stew, and baking a cake!
Keep warm! :)


Connie said...

Okay, my little frozen cherub, ya got me beat here in the deserts of Idaho.....29° at the moment! But I'm having a giveaway this weekend so be sure and help me celebrate my 500th post......Squeeeeeeal....The clues are in the photos from a day ago if you want to look and see....

Cold but not snowy.......


Anonymous said...

Oh Mary Dear:
Too cold too even think about it. It is 51 degrees here and will be about 78; warm breezes. Sorry, my friend, I wish you were here enjoying it with me : )
Peace & Hugs

Amy said...

Mary, today we have -2 actual degrees in my corner of Ohio. That's not even the windchill temp!!!

Sharon Kay said...

Mary........I agree with you and the cold Ohio days we are having. In the middle of Feb. we are heading south to Florida for 6 weeks and it can not come soon enough. I think I remember some one saying we were in for a mild winter..........I do not think that happened. Stay warm and think Spring in Ohio
Hugs......Sharon K

Marie said...

Hi Mary
It's 23 on the JERSEY shore. Light snow falling a good covering on the ground. I am actually wishing we had some more. I told my husband I turned my PJ's inside out.(when we were kids we did that wishing for a big storm so we didn't have school) I didn't really do it just being silly. I'm two blocks from the river and about 2 miles from the ocean this area seems to be a little warmer then further inland. Stay warm.

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Mary, you really want to know? At the moment it is 76 degrees. We are packing to go camping tomorrow in my little vintage trailer. I will try and send some warmth your way! Love your lastest banner...I love them all! Stay warm dear.

Hugs, Maryjane

the wild raspberry said...

come for a quick blog trip to see some warm weather garden pics. it does a soul good.

Jillian said...

Oh Mary I am right there with ya! I do not like the Cccccold!

We were at a high today around 28? Woke up to a small amount of snow. Supposed to get much colder though. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

As of now while typing this comment it is 3 degrees above zero in SW Indiana. That's cold enough and I'm thankful it's not as cold as where you are although it will get colder overnight. Brrrrrr
Let's all try to stay warm!

Linda said...

Hi Mary,
Wow that seems really cold to me. Here in Australia it is Summer at the moment today hasn't been as hot as it has been but it is still 92 degrees with 60% humidity. Love your snow pictures.
Cheers Linda

Angie said...

Almost freezing here, but nice and toasty in the house.

lorhen82 said...

Well, I can't compete with -30 actual temp, but it's around -4 here. I can so relate to the part of your poem about the achy joints! I was just commenting today about how I can't handle the cold the way I used to be able to. Oh, the glories of aging! ~Lori