Friday, January 16, 2009

~More cold weather~

OHIO weather forecast
January 16, 2009
Snow Showers
-10 ° feels like -29 °
8 High -2 Low
Precipitation 10 %
Relative Humidity 66%
Barometer 30.50atm
Dew Point -17
Visibility 9.00 Miles
UV Index 0 Low
Wind Speed SW 13 mph
Generally cloudy. Very cold. Wind chills may approach -25F. High 8F.
Winds WSW at 10 to 20 mph.Sunrise: 7:48 am Sunset: 5:23 pm



hi Mary, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it does look cold there. Stay warm and I will offer up some prayers for warmer weather for you sweetie.
jann C.

Jan said...

Brrrrr, and I'm sure that you love your Pennsylvania sisters so much, you'll send us some, won't you?

Every day it seems as though we get a tiny bit more snow...It's beautiful, to be sure, but I am old enough to know that it will become dirty, melting snow at some time.

For now, I'll sip hot coffee and enjoy it through the window.

Stay safe and stay warm~

lorhen82 said...

It's the same here in Indiana. I wish I could have stayed home and snuggled up for the day! ~Lori

Connie said...

Now THAT'S cold, frozen chickee!!! Burrrr is right. We're only 29° here today in the deserts of Idaho.......
Come visit for a 500th post giveaway, honey!!!!!! Squeeeeeeeal......

Shelley said...

Hi Mary,bless your heart..that is some very cold temps. I pray you can stay warm,we have been in the 20's..40's here the last few days,but Texas weather is known to change from day to day. At least the sun is shining today,but it was 22 this morning. Time to suggle up under those big heavy quilts with some coco,and a good book(smile).


Joyce said...

I think I will be staying where I am AT for now......we are 42degrees here and DYING. HA!
I sent you an e-mail......I need a new banner. AGAIN!
I'm addicted to your handiwork.
Talk to you soon.
Love, Joyce

Amy said...

Mary, Can I come to your house? It is warmer there than in my town!!
Hey, stop by my blog and read about Anna's party. There is a friend in the last photo that I think could be a sister to Isabella!!!