Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~my handmade photo bag~

I used my favorite photo of my Grandchildren
and vintage fabrics, trim, buttons
to made this small sling bag..

I love this photo of Bella & Sam

Many of you know how I enjoy showing off
of my grandchildren "the loves of my life".
When I've needed a large tote in the past I used this one
with photos of Bella & Sam..
It needed to be retired so I
made the small one.


Connie said...

Bella and Sam just keep getting more darling, honey! You're lucky to have them........

The Urban Chic said...

Mary, what a beautiful purse. Isabella and Sam are darlings and I would show them off also. Might have to show my only 2 gc off as well. Love and Hugs, Pat


wonderful work Mary, you so inspire me, always love visiting your blog.
One of my fav's....hope your staying
warm in your cozy cottage.
It is a cold day here in Texas too.
Aren't GC gifts from God, such treasures.
xoxo 2 U my dear friend

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Now Mary, that is one beautiful looking tote!!! Love all the trims, especially the "gems"! They are precious!


Mary said...

Hello Sweet Friend, Oh, I love the picture of the kids:)Isabella is such a Beautiful girl and Sam, well he is such a Cutie Patootie, does he have girls calling him all the time?
So glad you are back sewing some,
your bag is precious:)But then Your are so talented that you can make anything you want:)Gotta run, Love Ya, Me:)

Jackie said...

The bag is just lovely my dear friend. Bella and Sam are so adorable, I don't blame you for wanting to show them off.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

It's so cute. I love having photos of my grands around me too.

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Isabella; How cute is your small bag. Bella and Sam are so cute, what a great photo of them. And a great idea to show off the photos with out taking them out.


Laura said...

Beautiful bags and beautiful eyes on those two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Mary:
I agree with Mary; Sam is a Cutie Patootie : ) and Isa is a dreamie young lady; an Italian beauty!!!
Honey, it is too cold in Ohio : ( It will be about 80 here today : ) and
I love the bags and I am remiss in that I have yet to blog blog about my "a Bohemian Market" bag yet; I have the luck of the workshops so close. The ladies that instruct and that take the classes are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice. The owner, Nancy, is like you and me and she is really super nice : )
Are you making more charms? I really like the round ones. I will learn one day : )
Life is good
Love & Peace

Jorgelina said...

wonderful work !!It's so cute.

Shelley said...

Hi Mary,your little bag is so sweet. My how your little ones are growing.............
Hope you are having a lovely week...