Monday, June 11, 2007

~Amy is asking for your prayers today~

Amy FourSistersInACottage called me this morning
she asked that you please say extra prayer for her today.
She will be getting the results of her bone scan today.
God bless her.... she is scared.
So please find it in your hearts to say yet another pray for this precious Gal.
She still is not able to type but when she can she will be back on her blog and emails.
Her pain comes & goes...she is resting as much as possible.
Thanks again for the support you are giving Amy.. she sure is well loved!
God bless you all ~Mary~


Judy said...

Thank you so much Mary for the update. Amy is not far from my thoughts these days. You are so sweet. I am checking out the new Mary's site too. Thanks for the update.

a pink-bee said...

Have been keeping sweet Amy, in thoughts and prayer. Hope today the news is good. {{{AMY}}}
And thank-you, for keeeping us posted. Blessing to you both, crystal

ShabbyInTheCity said...

You got it. God is great and has a plan.


Special prayers and good wishes still coming Amy's way :)

ellen said...

Dear Mary,
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. When I realized some of what silliness I was rambling on about, and what your friend is going through, I felt very chagrined and, well, so darned inappropriate, though none of those was my intention. I do hope you understand me just being silly and that I truly take seriously what Amy and many other women are going through. Blessings to you and to her.

Stephanie said...

Zooming very special prayers your way! Please know how much you are cared for.

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