Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lets welcome Mary of ~Crash-n-Smash~ she's new to blogging :-}

Everyone lets give Mary of Smash-n-Crash a big welcome!!
She's just started blogging.
She is my friend and such a dear Gal, you will just love her.
Stop on by her blog and see her adorable photo of Yum Yum her cat.
Oh my gosh is Yum Yum a cutie!
Mary I'm so glad to see you are blogging. Hope you are having fun so far.
Take care your friend :-} ~Mary~


Mary said...

Hello Mary,
Thank You for the Welcome :)
I am still so new to all this ,but I will learn. You have done a wonderful job of letting the ladies know the update on Amy. She is so Blessed having you as a friend :)
You are a Sweet ,Kind and loving friend. You have Blessed my life.
Thank You again for everything...
Mary :)
{{soft hugs}}

ellen said...

In regards to your friend Amy, there is a wonderful site that allows people to send letters etc. to one who is going through such hard times. I know about it because a good friend of mine went through some cancer scares, surgery and problems. I loved being able to write her and keep in did so many other people who care about her. It was especially good because we live so far apart from each other and it's been yrs. since we have been together. It was healing for all of us, I believe. The site is Perhaps it won't fit for your friend, but I encourage you to check it out. I know that my friend was truly comforted by all of the letters she received, as was her family. They will all (letters..notes) be there for her when she feels like reading them and responding to them. I hope this helps a little bit..such a hard time and hard place to be.

Betty said...

Yes, I've already prayed for Amy today and will continue throughout the day.....God is control....

My birthday is September 3rd and my blog is Country Charm....

Blessings, Betty