Sunday, June 3, 2007

Antique wash stand :-}

I've been wanting an old small chest or wash stand. I mentioned this to my good friend Sherryl.. She said "I think I have one you may like". She then treated me to lunch and then we went to her house. She lead me into her wonderful barn and said I could have anything I want.. Oh my what treasure she has in there! I came out with this sweet white wash stand and a bunch of other goodies too.. Bless your heart Sherryl you are such a doll! Thank you! Thank you! I love the way it looks on my deck.. Found the little metal sign at a store a few weeks ago.. Yes there is no place like home :-}

PS Oh yes and the green shelf above the wash stand Sherryl gave that to me a few years ago.. Isn't it great having a friend like her!


A bit about me said...

I am so green (my favorite color) with envy!!! I love the wash stand. I want to come to you house!!! How nice of your friend, Sherryl !!! She is a Sweetie, for sure!!! I can barely see the deck you have been working on :)
The green (my favorite color) shelf is a perfect match in my book!!!
Have a lovely Sunday afternoon, Dear Mary!!!
Your other Friend :)

Stephanie said...

Mary, how very lucky you are to have such a sweet friend! I've never had anyone just "give" me anything so wonderful as that wash stand. Was it all ready to go, or did you paint it yourself? What a pretty grouping!

BTW, I'm having a "Wedding Week" on my blog, so stop by when you get a chance!

Angelic Accents

She'sSewPretty said...

I have a wash stand just like that. Mine is the original oak but I love yours painted white. hmmmmm

Sweet friend that you have. Lucky you!

Burl L. said...

Mary, Love the white painted stand. Will it post?