Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Grandparents wedding 1926 :-}

My Grandparents wedding 1926. My Fathers Mother died at his birth, this was my Grandfathers second marriage. Louie and Lena. I am lucky to have their Marriage certificate.. Isn't it lovely!


She'sSewPretty said...

Beautiful wedding pictures, Mary. Your mother (below) was very pretty!

DebraK said...

Your mother was beautiful & you are lucky to have such precious photos.
Don't you just love looking at old pictures.

Twinkle Pink said...

I LOVE these pictures and the certificate and love to look back on old pictures .... the way we were... I'm such a romantic - Funny enough I have been looking back with pictures on my post too.

I particularly like wedding pictures though, so thanks for sharing.

best wishes Ginny

Stephanie said...

What awesome memorabilia. LOVE that vintage photo. Make sure you label everyone in that pic for your precious grandchildren.

BTW, why did NO ONE ever smile in the old wedding pics? :0)

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