Sunday, June 10, 2007

~Amy's says "There's No Place Like Home!"~

Good morning! Our Gal Amy FourSistersInACottage just called me and we talked and talked! It's now 8:00AM est..We laughed and had such fun!! She is doing fine. She getting lots of rest and sleep.
She said she's glad to be home
& that "There's No Place Like Home"
She truly is my hero.. what a wonderful attitude she has, we should all take lessons from her!
She says as soon as she is up to it she will be getting to her emails and blogs.
She again thanks everyone for their thoughts, prayers, flowers, and cards..
I too want to thank everyone for all their love and support for Amy..
She is an amazing Gal and so are ALL of you too!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday :-} ~Mary~


Sharon Kay said...

So glad to know Amy is home.....a hospital in not a place to get good rest. I am so glad that you have keep us informed of how she is doing. I told Amy that one day she will be there to help others that will have to go through what she is right now. She will be an insoeration for all of us. Sharon K

Twinkle Pink said...

I'm doing a round robin here.... :)
Just been to Amy and left a message now I'm here to say what a grand job you are doing too!!

Keep up the good work.
best wishes from all of us over here. Ginny (England)


No place like home is so true. My husband is a cancer survivor (he is just 30) and spent 4 months in hospital last year(most of that in Intensive Care), and almost left us several times. It was not till he was home amongst all the love that the real healing began.
So to Amy i say Soak in as much of the Love as you can, it has no boundaries :)

Big Hugs,
Shannon xo


P.S Mary what a wondeful friend you are to Amy and to all of us for keeping us informed on how she is doing.
Bless your cotton sox.