Friday, August 24, 2007

~Back to school for my sweet Grandkids!~

It's back to school for Sam 2nd grade & Isa 5th grade. Look how they have grown in one year! They're in Catholic school. Isabella's doing much better, her surgery wound is starting to scab over. Their Mama (my Daughter) is not like most of the Mothers out there (or like I was) thrilled to have their children back in school! No Mama is sad.. she loves having these 2 around her. If my girls were as GOOD as these two sweeties are, just maybe I would have wanted them at home with me too LOL.. but I was divorced raising 3 girls (one very ill with special needs) on my own with no help from their father (my x).. So the time to myself alone was wonderful!
To all your HAPPY Mothers of children who are back in school..
Yahoo!! Yeah!! Yippee!! Enjoy your day :-}


Mary said...

Oh Mary - they are ust the most adorable kids and so smart in their uniforms. My kids also went to Parochial Elementary - loved the ease of uniforms, no "designer duds" to worry about!
Thrilled to read Isabella is healing - Jasmin is looking at these pics with me, she is happy to see her looking so much better. We went to the "Meet & Greet" at her school last evening - she has a great 5th gr. teacher this year and we know will do well. She has been in this school since Kindergarten so DH and I had to do the rounds and see everyone - it was fun. We volunteer a lot so know the staff and, altho' a public school, it's a great one within walking distance of home.
Mary - enjoy the weekend.

carole said...

Hi Mary Dear:
Isa & Sam look great. I am glad you have them for your very own : )
I will e-mail you later
Big Hugs my Friend,

Amy Wagner said...

I hope you grandkids have a wonderful back to school time. Is your daughter going to greet them off the bus with milk and cookies?????

Mary said...

Mary, So glad Isabella is doing better, so she will not miss the first day of school. Oh my, and Sam is such a little Heart breaker:) Look at that Precious face, he will have girl calling him soon...yes they are starting to grow up Grandma,like it or not. Wishing them a Safe and Fun School year.
ps. It is ok that you got a good laugh from Yums :)

joan said...

They are so cute! I remember those days!

Counting Your Blessings said...

Isa looks so good! I'm glad she's doing better. They have both grown since last Fall, haven't they?! What a wonderfully proud grandma you are. I've been sad this week sending my oldest two off to school, especially since one has been homeschooled for the last 3 years. But, God's hands are capable! Blessings... Polly

Stephanie said...

What a darling pair! May God bless & watch over them & all our precious children as they start a new school year. And bless all those sweet grieving (& celebrating) Moms, too!

Take a peek at my blog!! It is beautiful, thanks to you, sweet friend!

Angelic Accents

Mary Isabella said...

My grandchildren started back to school also. I miss them I too wish they were around all the time.

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Mary! this is a Mary also!!! Gald to be introduced to you via Stephanie at Angelic Accents!
Mariage and raising kids is TOUGH. My two are the same age difference as your daughters children. I loved being a mom and my two are so wonderful.. i hated to have school start. I let them know that i loved our summer and that it was exciting to be getting back to school though. In such an affluent area as this I am surprised at how many mom's Celebrate, yes celebrate the arrival of the school year. So you have alot of company. Tell your daughter, please that i understand! wimper. wimper.
Mary, congratulations on Raising such a wonderful daughter and being apart of the next generation also! Well Done!!! : )
With Kindness,

Jan said...

I had a turn at each: I was married young, had two kids young and divorced young. Working full time and going to school myself, I welcomed the start of school in september!

After being divorced for 13 years, I remarried and had two more children. I cried two years before the oldest went to school just thinking about it.

I cried so hard in front of the school that they finally felt bad and talked me into coming back to work AT THE SCHOOL.

The baby graduated in June and although I stopped sobbing, I still get teary eyed when September comes!

Those GKs of yours are beautiful! Glad Isabella is on the mend!

Jan in PA

Genevieve Olsen said...

Your Grand children are so beautiful! I have mixed emotions about Belle going back to school on Tuesday. On one hand heck yeah it is yippee, but then on the other hand I miss her and miss us being able to make our own schedule. Tori-Kate is going to miss her big Sissy most of all!! I cannot believe how hard things must have been for you raising your children alone! But you have done a great job and should be very proud of your accomplishments! "See" you soon!

marylou said...

Oh my goodness, those two are so cute!! Dressed to the nines in their uniforms they could be poster children for "what young kids should look like".....:-) Wishing them both a happy school year and hopefully really NICE & KOOL teachers!!
Hugs, Marylou

Angie said...

Mary, so glad that Isabella is doing much better. She certaintly looks great! Two beautiful children.