Friday, August 31, 2007

~My handmade paper rose~

I love paper roses both vintage and new.. today I made this one.
I used watercolor paints from Isabella & Samuel watercolor kit..(hey it's all I had at the time) LOL.. to paint the petals and the leaves. I'm hoping my next one will be a better!
These paper roses were made with coffee filters. They were shown on Martha Stewart this past week.. I only came in on the end so I'm not sure I did it correctly.... Here is the Gal that makes them Mommy Makes Roses web site. Hers are FABULOUS but check out the prices. I guess mine will just have to do :-} Thanks Carole for emailing me this info!


carole said...

Mary Dear:
I think I should have some : )
E-mail me when you have a moment

Genevieve Olsen said...

Very pretty,is it a coffee filter rose? I have been wanting to try those!

Mary said...

Well, I do not say this ofter, but I am a little jealous... Mary You have talent beyond any one I know :)
Your Roses are Beautiful. Please share how you made these.
Big Hugs :)

Joyce said...

Ohmygoodness, Mary! you are hoping your next one will be better???? I think this one is PERFECTLY BEAUTIFUL..... and of course if you are looking for a new home for it........ ahem.....well..... uh...... I just might have an idea of who you could send it to... LOL.... hugs to you, Joyce


Mary you're the second person ive seen make these and I NEED TO KNOW HOW :)
please please can you tell us how...pretty please with pink icing and sugar on top....

Luv Shann xo