Sunday, August 5, 2007

~ I've received the "Nice Matters Award"~

Thank you Genevieve of Bella Enchanted for giving me this
"Nice Matters Award" what an honor it is!
I pass this award on to some very "nice" blogger Gals.
Sorry I could not stop at 7...
Bella Enchanted ~Genevieve~
Crash and Smash ~Mary~
Marylou Thoughts and Matters ~Marylou~
Scoundrels and Rogues ~Carole~
The Urban Chic ~Pat~
Angie's Pink Cottage Roses ~Angie and Susie too!~
A Bit Of Pink Heaven ~Ele~
Cherub Kisses ~Dionne~
Nostalgia The Stone House ~Niki~
Abundant Curiosities ~Amy~
Stamp with Brandy ~Brandy~
Paint Mine Pink~ Shannon~
Four Sisters In A Cottage ~Amy~


carole said...

Oh Mary Dear:
You, my friend, really deserve "NICE MATTERS" award. I believe you to be the Queen of nice!!!
I am thankful you think I am nice too ; )
Big Hugs

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Oh, I wasn't surprised with I saw you got the nice matters award, but I was surprised to see my name when I scrolled down. Thank you you sweet lady...and have a blessed day!


Oh Mary thankyou so much for choosing me. You are such a sweetheart. I look forward to your Blog so much.
You definately deserve the award.
Takle Care Gorgeous :)

xo Shann

Mary said...

I sure hope I can live up to this nice award ? Ha :)
It is no trouble for you. You are, The Top Of The List :)
You are such a Sweet Friend to all, making our day with your loving and caring nature. Always knowing just the right thing to say...or that special Prayer to cover what is going on in our lives.
Yes Dear Heart, you do deserve the Nice Matters Awards..{{{Big Hugs}}}

Amy Wagner said...

Thank you for this sweet award! I am humbled.
Your site, Mary, is a true winner!!

FourSistersInACottage said...

You deserve the NICE AWARD and SOOOO MUCH MORE!!!
Hugs to you my WONDERFULLY NICE FRIEND, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Anonymous said...

Mary, You VERY much deserve that award! Mary = NICE Bless you, Susie