Saturday, August 18, 2007

~Isabella update~

Thanks for all your emails concerning Isabella. How kind you all have been. Here's an update.. It's now been a week since her surgery. She's doing so so. The wound is healing. It is open and looks ugly! It should take about another week before a thin layer of skin forms over the wound. She's had 3 doctor appointments since Tues. The surgeon says the wound is healing to keep a loose bandage on it. The infectious disease doctor says to keep in completely covered nothing exposed. (I agree) the rheumatologist added another medication and says she is having a flair up. Yep she is. Since she is still without 2 of her main arthritis medications she has joint pain and swelling. She's having problems using her hands and feet. She can not button & unbutton her shorts. Her little hands do not work very well right now. She seems a bit depressed to me. Hopefully that will go away. Both her and Samuel start back to Catholic school Aug 22. Isabella will be in the 5th grade and Samuel in the 2nd. So until next time..Take care~Mary~:-}


Joyce said...

Oh Mary... poor sweet Isabella! I am so sorry she has to go through all of this... I continue to keep her in my prayers... hoping this all passes quickly for her, and she will be feeling wonderful soon! And, little Samuel..... he's got the cutest little grin... of course I know I don't have to tell you that :-) hugs to you, Joyce

carole said...

Hi Mary Dear:
Isa is such the trooper!!!
5th grade is so fun and hopefully she will be better!!!
Sam is becoming the little man : )
2nd grade is so cool.
Take care and my caring thoughts are always withyou
Big Hugs

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Thanks for the update on sweet Isabella. Hoping and praying for brighter days ahead for her very soon!

Mary said...

It breaks my heart to see this beautiful child having to suffer with such huge health issues Mary. My granddaughter Jasmin is also starting 5th gr. Aug. 27 and we're so blessed that she is healthy. Girls at this age are so sensitive and vulnerable - the peer pressure starts soon. It's hard enough when one is in top physical shape to handle all that will be thrown at them, but Isabella will have it even harder. I pray for her each night, that her leg will heal soon and that the doctors can alleviate the arthritis pain.
My thoughts are with you - so glad she has such a great and caring grandma. Take care of yourself too dear.

The Urban Chic said...

Mary, I am so sorry that Isabella has to go through this at such a young age. Will keep her in my prayers. If you have my e-mail, could you please send me her snail mail address. Hugs to you and Isabella, Pat


Mary it breaks my heart to hear of Isabella in pain and feeling down.
I hope she knows what a brave and special young lady she is. She sure has won some hearts all over the world :)

Hugs to you all,always.

Shann xo

Lallee said...

Well, I'm glad to see her plumped up on the pretty couch instead of the hospital bed...and at least a little smile on her face. I pray the flare-up dispels soon!


Stephanie said...

Sweet Isabella. Do hope she is soon back to that award-winning smile. I'm so sorry she is having pain. Will say special prayers that she heals properly & QUICKLY!!

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Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Hope all will be better soon. Thanks for the update.