Saturday, August 4, 2007

~say a little prayer for Samuel~

This is my grandson Samuel. He's the sweetest, kindness, best little guy.. sometimes I think he's to good and needs to be a bit bad LOL! Well last night he had to go to the ER. When I saw him yesterday morning his Mama told me about a bite or something he had on his leg. I checked it out it was red and hot about the size of a quarter. I told her keep an eye on it if it gets any worse he needed to see a Doctor. She said she removed a tiny splinted (or stinger) the day before. She cleaned it and had been keeping an eye on it. Samuel & Isabella were to go spend the night at their other Grandmothers house. My Daughter checked Samuel's leg right before they were to leave. The leg was much worse... she told him he could not go, he was so upset! So off to the ER they went. By the time they got to the ER the area was about the size of a small grapefruit. It turned out he has a staph infection. I guess it's common. The Doctor was not sure if it was a bite or what. Samuel is home resting with his Dad at his side. They are playing video games, something Samuel is crazy about..Mama says Samuel is loving all the extra attention. His leg hurts and he's limping. He's on antibiotics for 10 days. They circled the area and said it if it gets larger in the next 24 hours he must get back to the ER. So please say a prayer that the antibiotics work and that he'll be OK. How I worry about these Grand kids!! Thanks so very much :-}


marylou said...

Guardian Angel Prayer

Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God's love commits me here;
Watch over me throughout the night,
keep me safe within your sight.

Hi Bella,
I dug deep for this little child's prayer:) It is for Sam and I know he is gonna be fine!! He is sooooo adorable and sweet that no infection has a chance with him!!
Keep us posted.
Hugs, Marylou

carole said...

Mary Dear:
Little Sam : ( I am glad you and his Mommie were/are so conscientious!!!
I love the child's prayer Marylou posted.
Yes, keep us updated on Sam's recovery!!!
Big Hugs to you

Genevieve Olsen said...

Prayers for a speedy recovery for Samuel are on the way! Please keep us updated!

Rosemary (cozyrosi) said...

Hello Mary. Just happened to come across your beautiful grandson's picture and read about the staph infection. I wanted to let you know that a few months ago my daughter, Krystina, 18, complained that her arm hurt her and a few days later she had a raised kinda area there and we took her to the dermatologist and they tested her and she had shingles with a staph infection there. Very strange. Very odd. Well she was on an antibiotic and all cleared and she's fine. I know your Samuel will be just fine. I will say a prayer. God bless you all. Rosemary

Jerri said...

Dear Mary:
This sounds like something my son had and antibiotics cleared it up. The MD said it is "just one of those things." It still is hard to see your little guy under the weather though. Hope he feels good soon. p.s. It sounds like he has a very watchful big sister.

Angie said...

Mary, Sam is so blessed to have you and his mom looking out for him. Saying a prayer he is better soon.


Shelley said...

Hello Mary, I will say a prayer for your sweet little one. I know how you feel about the grandkids! I worry about mine all the time. I love the guardian Angel prayer. Its beautiful. Thank God for giving us angels to watch over us. God speed your grandson's health !
Blessings, Shelley