Tuesday, July 24, 2007

~flowers & potting table~

Gals I've seen some beautiful flowers on your blogs. Way to go! I too use to have lovely Herb & Flower gardens..these days there's no time to care for them so I mowed them down. What you see here comes up on it's own each year. These flowers are nice & thick so I do not have to weed them yeah! The morning glories have tons of Japanese beetles all over them..they are so bad this year..But the morning glories make a great privacy fence.. even though I love my new neighbors! They have the most adorable little 2 year old boy.. How I love hearing him play!!
The potting table was a gift left by "the gift fairy" I painted it sage green..and she also left the bird houses you see on my fence.. Thank you Gift Fairy :-}


Jerri said...

I do not have a green thumb so I really appreciate looking at other people's gardens. Yours is lovely to look at.

ellen said...

What beautiful flowers in such a lovely place!

carole said...

Mary Dear:
I love everything you do. The morning Glories are so lovely; as are the daisies.
How cute the bird houses are : )
I like the banner you made for Genevieve!!!

Connie W said...

I love the morning glories. My dad planted them when I was a kid and I've forgotten how beautiful and lush they can be.

Mary said...

Mary - your flowers are lovely...potting bench so cute. That pergola looks so sturdy - could support a wisteria no doubt!!

Hope life eases up a bit for you one of these days so you can enjoy gardening again.

Stephanie said...

Your yard looks as perfect as your home!! I love your potting table & your Gift Fairy!!!

Adorable new header, too!

Angelic Accents

Burl L. said...

Love your new Blue Bird banner...
I have some wild morning glories,but not as pretty as yours. The color is wonderful... Your gift fairy is so...sweet :)

Genevieve Olsen said...

Wow! How does one go about getting their own gift fairy???hehe!
I guess in a way I have one I just received a great new banner for my blog!!!!I have gotten a lot of nice comments about it by email and on the blog itself! Thanks again Mary!Have a great day!

Amy Wagner said...

I especially like the overhead trellis roof thing! Great pictures. Very soothing areas.