Wednesday, July 25, 2007

~the PINK envelope

Today the "PINK" envelope arrived. I don't have to open it to know what it's about..It's the letter that reminds me that my mammogram is due. This year it will have to be put on hold.
Like so many other Gals in this country I no longer have health insurance.. Seeing this envelope I'm reminded of the Gals who are fighting cancer.
Amy and Solange have breast cancer.
Angie has vaginal cancer and Linda Marys sister has lung cancer.
Will you please take a second and say a prayer for these lovely brave Gals..
Do you also receive your letters in a pink envelope? Take care!~Mary~:-}


FourSistersInACottage said...

Our town offers FREE MAMMOGRAMS in a traveling travel bus. DO NOT let that go this year....look how fast mine spread!!!
Thank you for thinking of everyone with your continued prayers and thoughts....The pink envelope is a neat idea, I have no idea if they do that here as I wasn't in the age range to have one yet.
Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

Mary said...

My Dear Sweet Mary, Please do not put off getting your Mammogram...I am saying a prayer that you go.
Big Hugs.

carole said...

Mary Dear:
Ouch. That is too bad because in Southern California the mammograms are given free everywhere.
I will e-mail you later
Big Hugs

Anonymous said...

Mary I'm glad to hear that you will be able to get a mammogram. My Dr. just reminds me with my yearly physical, which I have to get with my job. Thanks for all the prayers for Linda, she's doing well, and has a scan coming up next week.