Monday, July 9, 2007

~I sewing jar!~

I was in my studio and stopped a second to admire my beautiful sewing jar. It was sent to me by my sweet friend Mary crash-n-smash a few months ago. Both she and her daughter Brandy stamp with Brandy designed and made it for me.. What a surprise it was receiving this jar!! I'm just amazed at the talent these two Gals have! Just look at all the charms.... 3 hearts, thimble, flowers, needle & thread, scissors, a prayers box, glitter paper M, friends with rhinestone, sewing machine, hand, heart clip, pink safety pin and all the sweet ribbons.. Plus the word sewing out of silver wire.. To top it off a pink lid, & adorable green dress with pink roses & a rhinestone! And there were all kinds of goodies inside the jar too..I just wanted to say thanks again to Mary & Brandy!


carole @scoundrelsandrogues said...

Mary Dear:
How fun!!! Mary and Brandy certainly talented. I love it and am glad you shared it with us to see!!!
Big Hugs

Sharon Kay said...

What a wonderful gift and means so much when some one takes the time to make just for you. I love the idea of a sewing jar.

amy said...

I love the cheery sewing jar!