Thursday, July 26, 2007

~Pink Ribbon Project~

Thanks Gals for your concern about me getting my mammogram..
I think I've found a place I will be able to get one free.
It's called the Pink Ribbon Project
I'm off to spend time with Isabella & Samuel & go to the thrift..
My most favorite things to do :-} Yippee!


carole said...

Hi Mary Dear:
Good. Now I will NOT worry about you!!!
I mailed the small package (quinoa) to you this morning.
I hope remembered to put a note in there : ) I can be an airhead at times : )
I will mail you a card from Oahu as I am flying there tomorrow for a job interview : )
Read my post when you have a free minute

marylou said...

YIPPEE...WOOHOO...I am so happy to hear you found a place to have your test done! An ounce of prevention, remember that saying?? I won't go on about this cause it bothers me so much BUT...EVERYONE IN THIS BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY OF OURS DESERVES & SHOULD HAVE THE BENEFITS OF HEALTH INSURANCE!!
Whew...I was screaming that one!
Hugs to you "dear" Mary Rose! Your name so fits you....Marylou:)

Lallee said...

Wonderful. I'm glad to know there is such!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your test Mary. It's good to hear there is an organization in your area that helps women with this test. We'll be looking to hear the good results. :o) Susie

Stephanie said...

Great ~ get yourself in for the mammorgram! No excuses now, sweetie! Thanks so much for the thank you note, but totally not necessary! :0) I love the fact that you are using the angel on a pillow!!

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